Access plans Brussels: Proximus Towers (Headquarters)

Koning Albert II Laan 27, 1030 Brussels-Schaarbeek

Boulevard du Roi Albert II 27, 1030 Bruxelles- Schaerbeek

By public transport

The Proximus Towers can be easily reached with public transportation. The Noordstation (across from the Proximus towers) can be reached by train, pre-metro and by bus (De Lijn). The building is also easily accessible by metro (via station Rogier - 400m) and by bus (MIVB).

Pre-metro / tram / bus (MIVB) - bus stop Noordstation

Folllow "CCN" then take the exit "S. Bolivarplein"

pre-metro 3 Esplanade - Noordstation - metro Rogier - Zuidstation - Churchill
pre-metro 4 Stalle - Zuidstation - metro Rogier - Noordstation
tram 25 Boondaal station - Noordstation - metro Rogier
tram 55 Bordet station - Noordstation - metro Rogier


Station Rogier (400m, 5 minutes walk):
Take the exit "Rogierplein", continue through the Vooruitgangstraat, go left at the Noordstation, cross the street in the direction of the main entrance of the Noordstation.

Station Rogier + tram 3 or 4, underground to the Noordstation.

metro 2 Simonis (Elisabeth) - Rogier - Simonis (Leopold III)
metro 6 Simonis (Elisabeth) - Rogier - Koning Boudewijn


Bus (De Lijn) - bus stop Noordstation (in the table below only the express routes are displayed)

De Lijn Road
bus 126 Snelbus (espress bus) Ninove - Brussels
bus 212 Snelbus (espress bus) Aalst - Asse - Brussels
bus 410 Snelbus (espress bus) Leuven - Tervuren - Brussels
bus 460 Snelbus (espress bus) Boom - Londerzeel - Brussels
bus 461 Snelbus (espress bus) Boom - Willebroek - Brussels

Bus (MIVB) - bus stop Noordstation

bus 14 / 15 UZ Brussels - Noordstation
bus 57 Military hospital - Noordstation

By bicycle

Bicycle parking and showers on level -2, same access route as the car parking (on the side of the Noordstation).

Circumstances: This part of Brussels is flat and suited to cycling. Recommended cycling axes: the channel and the Antwerpsesteenweg.

Bicycle renting: there are 2 Villo points nearby, one on the square in front of the Noordstation, another at the side of the Proximus parking (

More information on cycling in Brussels and on cycling routes:

By car

Route planning : or

In Brussels, take direction "Noordstation".

In the neighbourhood of the building there are 3 parking accessible to the general public: WTC (entrance on the S. Bolivarlaan), underneath the Noordstation (parking CCN), and Rogier.

More information on transit parkings "P+R":