Proximus enabling the digital economy

Our ambition is to become a digital service provider bringing new technologies in an easy way to our customers and improving their lives and work environment. Our focus is not only tech-oriented, but on how we can transform technologies like the Internet of Things (IoT), Big Data, the Cloud and Security into solutions with positive impact on people and society

With our innovations we want to contribute to people and society. As one of Belgium’s largest employers and biggest investors, we play an important role in building and boosting our countries digital economy.

Stefaan De Clerck, Chairman

Investing in next-generation networks

To enable the digital economy, we are investing in the infrastructure of the future, with the accelerated roll-out of Fiber. In December 2016, we announced 'Fiber for Belgium', an investment plan of €3 billion over the next 10 years, to bring people & business at the speed of light

Developing innovative solutions answering societal needs

With the Internet of Things (IoT) everyday objects get network connectivity, allowing them to send and receive data. This data is collected and processed to considerably improve how things work, at home and in business.

Proximus offers a unique end-to-end offering to connect devices with the Internet via its IoT network based on the LoRa technology.

We are member of the LoRa Alliance, an international initiative to guarantee the interoperability between telecom operators and the standardization of Low Power Wide Area Networks (LPWANs), essential for the further deployment of the IoT.

Big Data is a powerful source of innovation at Proximus. We collect a lot of valuable data generated by all the touch points with our customers including customer locations and TV viewing. Big data provides businesses with great insights and helps them make better informed decisions. Important to note that the privacy of this data is always assured by being aggregated.

Smart solutions combine Proximus' capabilities in IoT and Big Data to co-create with several partners’ new solutions that truly have an impact on the quality of life and help people live better and work smarter.

Cities and municipalities need ‘smart’ solutions to meet the challenges and become more sustainable, more ecological, and provide a better quality of life.

There are currently countless examples of smart initiatives for the Smart Cities of tomorrow, using high-tech solutions and connectivity such as smart parking, smart waste management, e-permits and environmental monitoring. These initiatives are built on Proximus IoT network based on LoRa technology.

In March 2016 Proximus created the unique Smart Mobility company Be-Mobile, thereby integrating its Mobile-For affiliate with Be-Mobile and Flow. The new company offers solutions for mobility monitoring, dynamic traffic control, electronic toll charging, and parking services. The solutions can be valuable for road users, companies, cities, municipalities and government services.

We also invested in Citie, a Smart Retail platform to support the local Belgian economy, bringing traders, shoppers and local authorities closer together and hence boost our country’s position on the digital map.

Educating and building trust in digital

Proximus is founding partner of the Belgian Cyber Security Coalition which gathers key actors from the public, private and academic sectors to raise capability and create awareness at all levels of society and economic activity.

We also have a societal role to play, educating the public on the safe use of internet and reducing the digital divide.