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The Proximus Foundation wants to help young people without any special qualifications to enter the employment market thanks to new technologies.


For eight weeks, young job seekers with few or no qualifications learn the basics of design, 3D printing and electronic card programming through fun projects. In addition, a workshop on entrepreneurship offers them the opportunity to create a virtual company and contemplate all the aspects involved (financial, marketing, etc.). Throughout this training track, professionals from the employment and training sectors give them individual coaching. Together, they draw up a plan for the future. After the training, the young people continue to be monitored on the path towards employment.

This training does not give the young participants any qualifications but introduces them to certain new technologies with the aim of remotivating them and enhancing their value through the practical achievement of projects. They develop the skills and basic values (timekeeping, individual work, project work, etc.) that are necessary for any type of career. 

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How do I benefit?

Thanks to Digitalent, young participants:

Come out of the training course with a clearer and more structured career and training plan;

Learn to get to know themselves better and to stick to a professional plan;

Integrate the basic skills needed in any type of work: timekeeping, punctuality, project work, individual work;

Use the technologies learnt during the training course and the resources and documentation available online to hone their skills;

Know what steps to follow to set up a company and the important concepts involved (profits, budget, amortization, etc.).

Is Digitalent something for me?

The project is aimed at young men and women aged between 18 and 25 who have few or no qualifications (the maximum level being an upper secondary school leaving certificate (CESS)) and no specific technical knowledge.

The only requirements to take part in these workshops are motivation (the desire to learn and become familiar with the new technologies dealt with in the course), commitment and being available during the training period (respecting the course timetable).

Specifically, what will I do there?

The project runs for eight weeks, full-time, from Monday to Friday.

Three days a week, 12 young participants will discover 3D modeling and printing, programming in "Processing" language, the basics of programming applied to Arduino and website  creation (*). Supervised by technical coaches, they work on projects (robots, musical instruments, etc.) in small groups.

One day a week, under the guidance of the non-profit association YouthStart (, they discover their talents and the entrepreneurial spirit. Based on their passion, they create a company "on paper" and consider all the associated aspects (financial plan, marketing plan, and product development).

Learning Excel and PowerPoint enables them to create an attractive presentation which they will each defend individually before a jury of professionals.

The young participants spend one day a week with the VDAB, Forem or Actiris/Bruxelles Formation, depending on the region they are in, and learn how to pass a job interview, write a CV and covering letter, and acquire better self-knowledge.

The eight weeks conclude with an event that allows the participants to show and present their projects and to receive a certificate.

At the end of the project, the VDAB, Forem or Actiris/Bruxelles Formation draws up a support plan for the young job seekers. To create a positive spiral, regular meetings will be held between the youngster and his or her referee right from the first week after the workshop. The aim is to support them in their efforts, to help them move on to vocational training or a job.

The Proximus Foundation will follow the participants' progress for 18 months.

(*) The technical program may vary for each city. More details can be found on the "Register" page. Details about the content will be given in the information session. 

Detailed explanation of each concept.


What about my allowances and benefits?

The training contract signed by the young person is the same as the usual training contracts offered by the training and employment services (Actiris, Bruxelles Formation, VDAB, Forem, etc.). If the young person receives allowances and benefits, he or she will keep them. Certain other benefits will differ according to the region. They are clearly explained during the information sessions.Le contrat de formation signé par le jeune est identique aux contrats de formation habituels proposés par les services de la formation et de l’emploi (Actiris, Bruxelles Formation, VDAB, Forem, etc.). S’il perçoit des indemnités et des avantages, le jeune les conserve. Certains autres avantages sont différents pour chaque région. Ils sont clairement expliqués lors des sessions d’information.

I'm interested: what should I do?

Young people interested in this project should register to attend an information session near them. Here they will receive all the necessary information and can ask all the questions they need to enable them to clearly understand what we are offering. After the presentation, if they want, they can register to attend an interview, during which they can express their motivation and desire to take part in the project.

12 young people will be selected. They will then sign a training contract that commits them to participate fully in the project.

The young trainees are required to attend, arrive on time in the morning and stick to the schedule. In case of absence, they must present official proof (medical certificate). 



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The Proximus Foundation, the regional employment and training offices and various cities and professionals are working in concert on the Digitalent project: 


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History and functioning of the Proximus Foundation 

The Proximus Foundation was established in 2002.  It was created initially with the aim of helping people living in Belgium who are disadvantaged by their poverty, social exclusion, young age or a disability. The objective of the Foundation was to encourage their integration into our society. Over a period of 14 years, the Foundation has supported more than 350 projects put forward by NGOs or non-profit associations actively focusing on this issue.

Since 2015, the Proximus Foundation has reoriented its activities towards helping young people find employment in the field of new technologies. It launched its own project: Digitalent.

Since November 2014, Proximus has also been offering introductory internships.  The principle is as follows: the company takes on young people under the age of 30 for a period of three to six months. The youngsters continue to receive their unemployment benefit, plus a contribution from the company which varies according to the region. The recruitment is done via the regional employment office for a variety of posts: administrative support, dispatching operator, accounting employee, customer record manager, warehouseman, etc.  This is a program designed to offer young job seekers their first work experience. They can show what they are capable of and acquire new skills.


The Proximus Foundation is a separate legal entity from the Proximus company. A board of directors approves the strategy and budget and oversees the Foundation's smooth functioning. The board is composed of: 

Nom Status Entreprises
Sabine Denis President The shift
Jan Van Acoleyen Board member and Vice-President  Proximus
Ariane Marchant Board member and Treasurer Proximus
Patricia Van de Wiele Board member and Secretary Proximus
Stefaan De Clerck Board member Proximus
Dirk Lybaert Board member Proximus