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Who we are

Proximus is a telecommunications company operating in the Belgian and international markets. We are the leading national provider of telephony, internet, television and network-based ICT services. Our high-quality interconnected fixed and mobile networks offer access anywhere and anytime to digital services and data, as well as to a broad offering of multimedia content. We are investing in future-proof networks and innovative solutions, creating the foundations for sustainable growth.

We put the customer at the heart of everything we do. Our aim is to deliver the best customer experience and to simplify the customer journey by offering accessible and easy to use solutions.

We contribute to the economic, social and environmental development of the society in which we operate.

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Our sense of purpose

We constantly keep people connected to the world so they can live better and work smarter

Our sense of purpose is to constantly keep people connected to the world so they can live better and work smarter. This is our reason for existence. We can only be meaningful to our customers if we offer them solutions that make their life easier and that enable them to work in a more efficient and effective way.

Our brand promise - Always Close

Proximus brings you instantly close to what matters

This sense of purpose is translated into our brand promise “Proximus brings you instantly close to what matters”, an attractive and easily understandable statement of what we offer to customers. We deliver this brand promise by providing excellent quality and service to the customer in everything we do.

Customers at the heart of what we do

Our consumers

Combining fix and mobile through convergence

Consumer habits are changing. Now more connected than ever, consumers use more and more smartphones and tablets and they have one or more tvs. The use of mobile data has significantly increased and our customers watch TV Everywhere on different devices. To respond to this growing trend, we offer our customers the best experience and the latest available technology, putting more and more convergent offers on the market.

Content anywhere any-time

Our aim is to provide our customers seamless access to their favourite content on any device fixed or mobile, anywhere and anytime.

Our ambition on the consumer market is to grow market leadership through mobile led convergence, superior customer experience and brand preference. Put simply, we want to enable our customers to be instantly close to what matters. For that purpose, we offer them a wide variety of solutions.


Scarlet stakes out a clear and growing position in the price-conscious consumer segment with interesting offers as:

Scarlet Red, Hot and Chili:  mobile postpaid Packs which offer customers the most competitive rates, regardless of their budget.

Scarlet Trio: a triple play Pack that combines a no-frills TV, Internet and fixed line telephony for budget-conscious consumers.

Scarlet Ketch-Up:  prepaid cards for cheaper calls.


Tango’s strategy is to position itself as the challenger on the Luxembourg market for TV, internet and mobile telephony, offering smart and competitive solutions.

Our enterprise customers

Leader in traditional telco market

We have consistently been building our strategy for the business market by focusing on leveraging convergence and excelling in customer experience. As market leader in the traditional telecom market, we continue to improve our position, and to aim for new growth in network based ICT solutions such as Security, Cloud and Unified Communications.

Successful development of new growth areas

Besides our traditional Telco and IT portfolio, we continuously focus on innovation in developing new, innovative solutions to meet our customers’ other needs.

Big Data projects: Big Data projects allow us to use the data generated by our networks and systems for analytical purposes. This helps our customers with strategic planning such as identifying numbers of visitors at public events. Concretely, for Westtoer, Proximus carried out a successful business analytics project tracking the attendance of tourism at the Belgian coast.

New Way of Working: New Way of Working is an umbrella under which we bundle both Cloud and Network solutions that allow customers to remotely access their applications and data. We are currently implementing these workplace services that are available anytime, anywhere for the Flemish Government.

Internet of Things (IoT): Internet of Things (IoT) is another area in which we support our customers in the development of their IoT projects by applying our convergent networks and expertise. Our role is to enable the Internet of Things upon which our customers build new innovative services.

For instance, we provide connectivity for the Belgian road-toll project, where we will enable half a million connected in-truck automatic payment systems by means of our machine-to-machine cards.

Enabling company: Enabling company is one of the main drivers of our innovation ambitions. We’re opening Proximus as well as third-party assets to an ecosystem of partners to boost the development of “Proximus inside” solutions. It is our ambition to build a technology platform for digital assets monetization, on-boarding and servicing, as well as brokering upstream and downstream partners like IoT, Cloud and big data players, app developers and Independent Software Vendors.

BICS, an international player

Headquartered in Brussels, BICS is our international wholesale solutions division, with regional offices in Bern, Dubai, New York and Singapore, and satellite offices in Beijing and San Francisco, as well as local representation in Accra, Cape Town, Miami, Montevideo, Nairobi and Toronto.

BICS delivers best-in-class international wholesale solutions to communication service providers worldwide. Through its mosaic portfolio, a comprehensive, flexible and innovative suite of solutions designed to be used individually or collectively, BICS meets current and future requirements in the global telecom sector.

Our company values

We demonstrate Collaboration across our organisation to succeed at common goals to the benefit of our customers. We will both give and seek support in a spirit of transparency and openness. We will have clarity within roles and responsibilities and be aligned in the pursuit of agreed outcomes. We will be persistent together and be committed to each other’s success as one team so that we achieve more together.

We have the Agility to react with a fresh view to changing contexts and be adaptive, creative and ready to learn. Our growth mindset and internal diversity will be a source of flexibility and innovation. We will take an external view of customers and markets so that we can harness our ability to anticipate change and challenge. This will allow us to make the most effective decisions to increase our pace to market, and consequently our success.

We'll be role models of Accountability. We will take ownership of situations, solutions and the route to success. We will constantly ask ourselves and others what more we can do to achieve the best outcome for customers and stakeholders alike. We will become excellent in our ability to deliver the right result at the right time for the right people.

Company structure

Company fact sheet

Data referred to in Article XII.6 of the Code of Economic Law.

Titles Details
Company name Proximus public limited company under Belgian Public Law
Registered office Boulevard du Roi Albert II, 27 B - 1030 Bruxelles
Phone + 32 2 202 41 11
VAT / Brussel Register of Legal Entities / Company number BE. 0202.239.951
IBAN BE31 4354 1116 1155
Share capital EUR 1 billion
Date of establishment and legal form Belgacom PLC was converted into a company limited by shares governed by public law under the Royal Decree of 16 December 1994, which was published in the Belgian Official Gazette (Moniteur Belge) on 22 December 1994 and entered into effect the same day. Belgacom PLC under Belgian Public Law was converted into Proximus PLC under Belgian Public Law under the Royal Decree of 7 May 2015, which was published in the Belgian Official Gazette (Moniteur Belge) on 18 May 2015 and entered into effect on 22 June 2015.
Regulation authority Belgian Institute for Postal services and Telecommunications

Our history


The RTT, Belgium's national telegraph and telephone company, is born and brings the telephone into the homes of a constantly growing portion of the Belgian population.


The RTT is replaced by Belgacom PLC, an autonomous public-sector company.


Belgacom PLC becomes a company limited by shares under public law.

Belgacom launches the Proximus mobile network which is soon after entrusted to a subsidiary, Belgacom Mobile. Belgacom remains 75% shareholder.


The Belgian government sells 50% minus 1 share of Belgacom to the ADSB Telecommunications consortium. This consortium is composed of Ameritech (SBC), Tele Danmark and Singapore Telecom, plus 3 Belgian financial institutions: Sofina, Dexia and KBC.


Creation of carrier & wholesale unit at Belgacom. Belgacom International Carrier Services (BICS) is born.


The telecom market is fully liberalized on January 1st. Belgacom takes over Skynet, the first internet access provider in the Belgium and one of the largest web portals in the country.

Its Internet activities are integrated into the Belgacom brand which launches ADSL on the Belgian market.

The website www.belgacom.be sees the daylight as reference point for Belgacom’s product offering.


BICS opens offices in Asia Pacific, America and the Middle East.


BICS launches its mobile offer.


Proximus is Belgium's first mobile operator offering its customers Internet access via GPRS.


Belgacom's new logo is born.


Belgacom makes its stock market entry. This is one of the most important operations within the European telecom sector since the entry of Orange in February 2001.

Belgacom TV is tested in a few hundred homes.


Belgacom and Swisscom Fixnet sign an agreement to merge their international carrier activities and thus consolidating their position on the international market.

Belgacom TV is launched on the Belgian market and Belgacom acquires the broadcasting rights to Belgian football for the next three seasons.

Proximus becomes the first mobile telephony operator in Belgium to offer 3G services to the general public.


Belgacom acquires Telindus and strengthens its ICT offer and network integration services for the corporate and professional markets.

Belgacom acquires the remaining 25% stake in Proximus from Vodafone, enabling a full quadruple play offering.


Belgacom launches its first bundled offers combining fixed/mobile telephony, ADSL and television.


Belgacom launches the VDSL2 network which gives everyone access to unequalled Internet speeds.

Belgacom acquires Scarlet NV, enabling it to penetrate the low-cost market segment.

Belgacom acquires Mobile-for, a company which specializes in mobile payments for parking.

Belgacom acquires Tango from Tele2, the leading alternative operator active in Luxembourg and Liechtenstein.


Belgacom launches PingPing, a brand keen to be the symbol of mobile payments.


Belgacom Group completes the full integration of its subsidiaries Belgacom Mobile SA/Proximus, Telindus NV, Telindus Sourcing SA, the activities of Belgacom Skynet SA and the Belgian activities of Telindus Group NV into Belgacom SA to form one legal entity. The other subsidiaries remain separate legal entities.

Belgacom signs partnerships with Jinni, In3Depth, Blinkx and OnLive to further enhance its Belgacom TV entertainment platform.

Belgacom signs a partnership with FON, the largest Wi-Fi community in the world.


Belgacom launches TV Everywhere allowing customers to watch Belgacom TV on any device (tv, pc, tablet, smartphone) via Wi-Fi and 3G.

Belgacom signs an exclusive partnership with Deezer, enhancing its content offer with music streaming. BICS signs a roaming hub-contract with MTN Group,  the largest mobile operator of Africa and the Middle East.

Telindus launches the brand Telindus Telecom with connectivity and datacenter offers for the corporate and professional market.


Proximus launches the first 4G-network in Belgium and Tango in Luxembourg.

Belgacom reinvents its internet by launching Internet Everywhere, an integrated solution for at home and on the go.

The Belgacom Group acquires the chain of stores The Phone House


Proximus launches new attractive mobile pricing plans on the basis of the customer's type of phone: Smart for customers with a smartphone, and Easy for customers with a traditional mobile phone.

Belgacom acquires highly valuable spectrum for the 800 MHz frequency band to further develop 4G leadership.

Belgacom launches Home&Care, security solutions allowing customers to remotely monitor their home through smartphone or tablet.

Scarlet launches TRIO, combining fix telephone, broadband internet and tv in a triple-play solution


Belgacom launches Personal Cloud which allows customers to store their documents securely, with access to all their content via PC, laptop, tablet, smartphone or Proximus TV, and sharing options with family, friends and social media.

Belgacom launches TV Replay,  which allows customers to go back up to 36h on most watched linear TV channels.

Thanks to new partnerships such as Apple, and exclusive deals like for some Samsung devices, our customers have the possibility to choose the latest mobile device from a wide variety of brands.

Thanks to our partnership with Netflix, our customers can watch Netflix directly via Proximus TV.

We pioneered innovative 4G technology in Belgium, starting the roll-out at the Belgian coast and the main cities including Brussels.

Since September 2014, all fixed and mobile voice, internet, digital television and ICT services, are commercialized under one unique brand: Proximus .


In April 2015, at the Annual Shareholders Meeting,  the shareholders of the company voted in favour of changing the company name from Belgacom to Proximus. This change has been effective as of 22 June.

Next to Proximus PLC under Belgian Public Law, the Proximus Group encompasses the affiliates Scarlet, Tango, BICS and Telindus International.