Our strategy

Our sense of purpose

We connect everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter

This is our reason for existence. We can only be meaningful to our customers if we offer them solutions that make their life easier and that enable them to work in a more efficient and effective way.

Becoming a digital service provider

Proximus wants to become a digital service provider, connecting everyone and everything so people can live better and work smarter. Our ambition is to bring new technologies in an easy way to our customers and improving their lives and work environment. We want to favor a new digital eco-system, open to partnerships and collaboration with new emerging players and offer our customers access to new technologies and their benefits in an easy and customer friendly way. It’s by means of new application-led and service-oriented solutions that customers will experience the true meaning of Proximus’ customer centricity mission.

It’s our ultimate objective to service our customers and offer them a superior customer experience with a quality and service that can be experienced through our best quality integrated network, easy-to-use and innovative solutions, best accessibility & local reach, and proactive servicing.

Fit for Growth strategy

To support the delivery of a superior customer experience and sustain our growth, we will focus on 4 strategic pillars, where we really want to make the difference over the next 3 years.

Become “Fit”

Proximus will accelerate its strategy by making its organization fitter, and bring down its operating costs while increasing customer and employee satisfaction. To this aim we will drive simplification and efficiency throughout the organization. Our simplification initiatives will cover the portfolio, networks, IT and processes. We will adapt our ways of working to become a lean and agile organization, with a strong drive for efficiency.

Grow the core

Proximus will grow the value of its core business offering relevant integrated solutions for residential and business customers. We will create value for our customers by intelligently bundling our solutions, to grow the proportion of multi-play customers, and build usage value through smart pricing.

On the residential market, with our innovative brand new portfolio for families and small enterprises, we set ourselves apart by no longer making the difference between the type of network the devices are using and by an end-to-end “peace of mind” experience. Our portfolio will evolve in time, progressively integrating the Internet of Things.

On the enterprise market, we will significantly invest to connect to the new business reality. We continue to improve and complete our existing ICT portfolio, by following the mobile-first and cloud-first evolution. We’ll move towards truly modular convergence to deliver integrated solutions, supported by new tools and processes while embracing application-led solutions to integrate partners. This will translate into different value proposals like workplace as a service, smart and connected buildings and eco-system convergence driving value out of the supplier and customer relationship.

Build the future

We want to build the future through accelerating fiber roll-out, driving the digital transformation of our processes & customer interactions and deploying meaningful, application-led innovation. Fiber is the key enabler to sustain and further develop Proximus’ best quality integrated network. It’s the ultimate technology to offer customers the best solutions and most future-proof experience, responding rapidly to their ever faster evolving needs. In a highly competitive market, Proximus believes that the superior experience created by Fiber, with ultra-fast download and upload speeds and unrivalled responsiveness, will lead to our increase of market share in the residential segment and to a strengthening of our position in the enterprise segment. Fiber will also enable further densification of our mobile network and allow the future roll-out of 5G.

We will boost digital customer interactions. Proximus will transform itself to enable customers and businesses to interact with us throughout a coherent digital journey. Optimizing digital touch points will bring us even closer to our customers: simpler interactions, immediate access whenever convenient for the users, accessibility from any place and with any device.

Innovation is twofold for Proximus. First, we focus on innovative technologies that are relevant and meaningful for our customers, delivering them concrete and useful applications. Second, we will concentrate on value-creating innovation, representing the Group’s future avenues for growth. In the residential market, we continue our content aggregation strategy. Smart advertising and Smart retail are the key areas of focus. For the enterprise market, we further accelerate developments in new domains, mainly in the Internet of Things, Big Data analytics, security and the creation of a brokering platform (Enabling Company). Concrete integrated deliveries are ‘Smart mobility’ and ‘Smart cities’.

Transform the company

The acceleration of Proximus’ Good to Gold culture will be a key enabler to achieve our mission of superior customer experience and realize our ambition of becoming a digital service provider. We will reinforce, adopt and drive the need for cultural change towards a growth mindset, the belief that we are able to learn, change and adapt for future success. This mindset change will be driven by the 3 company values: agility, collaboration and accountability. Agility is a prerequisite to grow and seize opportunities in tomorrow's digital world. In order to be able to do so we will transform towards a learning and more digital organization where both risk taking and learning from mistakes are rewarded. Collaboration and accountability will become real through local and empowered teams driving better execution.

The cultural transformation of Proximus, which builds on people's strengths and the development of our talents through coaching and feedback, will not only drive performance. Our employees are to become proud ambassadors of Proximus and its solutions, where successes are celebrated and the company is recommended as a great and fun place to work.