On 1 June, Proximus TV will be the only platform in Belgium to offer the VICELAND channel across the entire country






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On 1 June, Proximus TV will be the only platform in Belgium to offer the VICELAND channel across the entire country


  • On 1 June, VICELAND, the culture and lifestyle channel of the VICE Media group, will be included in the basic offering of all Proximus TV customers in Flanders, Brussels and Wallonia.
  • Proximus TV will be the first platform to offer this channel to its customers in all three regions of the country, and the only one to offer VICELAND in Wallonia.
  • Launched by the VICE Media group in 2016, VICELAND is revolutionizing the way we watch TV, thanks to its unique style of storytelling and innovative view of youth culture.
  • VICELAND’s programs, which can be watched on all screens, are reintroducing 18- to 35-year-olds to television by tackling topics that really matter to Millenials, whether it’s music, art, sexuality, food, fashion, technology or sport.
  • In Belgium, VICELAND will combine its international programs (such as “Gaycation”, “Needles & Pins”, and “Noisey”) with locally produced content available in Dutch in Flanders and in French in Wallonia.

Great news for Proximus TV customers addicted to pop culture and lifestyle programs that show the world as it really is! From 1 June, they'll have access to the highly innovative content of the VICELAND channel, at no extra charge. This channel will be available in HD via channel 104 (in Dutch) and channel 105 (in French). Proximus TV will be the only digital TV platform to offer VICELAND in Wallonia.

Launched in the United States and Canada in February 2016, VICELAND is the TV version of VICE, which began life as a print magazine but has forged a unique international reputation in recent years, thanks to its production of reference video content aimed at young viewers. Today, the VICE Media group has become a multimedia platform on all screens spanning online, mobile and linear, in order to promote programs to young people worldwide.

VICELAND: a unique identity and distinct storytelling

Overseen by American film director Spike Jonze (of "Being John Malkovich" and "Her" fame), the VICELAND channel offers programs with a unique identity and distinct storytelling. These programs cater to the interests of 18- to 35-year-olds who have stopped watching traditional TV. The TV viewers of VICELAND will be able to discover the following programs:

  • Gaycation: a documentary series in which actress Ellen Page and her best friend Ian Daniel set off to discover LGBT communities around the world (trailer: https://youtu.be/potqM-sv9P8).
  • Needles & Pins: a documentary series in which artist Grace Neutral explores the history of tattoo art, from subculture to global phenomenon, in South Korea, Los Angeles, Las Vegas, New Zealand, Japan, and the UK (trailer: https://youtu.be/QqWo_GH5r1I).
  • Noisey: a program in search of artists from the most exciting yet controversial music scenes. Each episode looks at the subcultures and communities of different cities to gain more insight into the rise of certain music trends (trailer: https://youtu.be/AtC2FV4Has0).

But the programs of VICELAND don't stop at international content. As in other countries where the channel has been launched, the Belgian version of VICELAND will also offer local productions. In Belgium, Dutch-speaking and French-speaking viewers of the channel will have access to original programs produced in their own language by VICE Media.

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