Proximus selects Opinum as a strategic partner to manage the consumption data of its 14,000 energy meters






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Proximus selects Opinum as a strategic partner to manage the consumption data of its 14,000 energy meters


The partners will develop and market applications of energy management.

Lower energy bill thanks to partnership with Opinum.

Proximus has formed a partnership with Opinum, in which Opinum will offer solutions for analyzing energy consumption and Proximus will provide the connectivity, security and industry-related expertise.

With their partnership, the companies will combine their knowledge and experience in order to develop solutions. Initially, the focus will be on analyzing the customer's energy consumption: based on the data provided, customers will gain a better insight into their energy consumption. This will allow them to take measures to reduce their energy bill and continuously optimize their energy consumption. At a later stage, this will be done with connected sensors, yet another application of the Internet of Things (IoT).

Jan Joos, Director Group Internal Services at Proximus:
"At Proximus, we have years of experience in the energy-efficient management of our many buildings. Opinum integrates this expertise into its unique software, Opisense. We will now fully deploy this solution for the analysis and management of over 14,000 energy meters (in our buildings, exchanges, street cabinets, etc.)."

Loïc Bar, CEO Opinum:
"We are very happy to have been selected by Proximus, after a rigorous analysis. This partnership with Proximus confirms the relevance of Opisense, our platform for the management of building data, today and in a connected future."

Alex Lorette, Director Enterprise Telco Solutions at Proximus:
"Thanks to this partnership, we will be able to offer our customers solutions that allow them to reduce their energy consumption (and their energy bill)."

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