SAFER INTERNET DAY: Child Focus, Proximus and Microsoft rally together for the online safety of children

Child Focus, Proximus and Microsoft never miss Safer Internet Day. On Tuesday 7 February, around 160 Proximus and Microsoft volunteering employees, trained by Child Focus, will visit more than 340 primary school classes in Belgium to increase pupils'...

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Proximus launches "Fiber for Namur"

A few weeks ago, Proximus announced a 3 thousand million euro investment to be made over the next 10 years with the aim of speeding up the rolling out of Fiber in Belgium. Proximus will be bringing Fiber to more than 85% of businesses and over 50% of...

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Proximus and its partners build NxtPort, a digital data platform for the Antwerp Port Community

On 26 January 2017, the Antwerp Port Community launched its unique data utility platform NxtPort. With NxtPort the Port of Antwerp is readying itself for a rapidly changing world and economy. A world in which every object and every process can be made...

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Proximus launches ‘Fiber for Antwerp’

Proximus announces an investment of 3 billion € in the coming 10 years to accelerate the roll-out of Fiber in Belgium. Proximus will cover more than 85% of all enterprises and more than 50% of all households with Fiber Today,...

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Proximus TV acquires a catalog of 60,000 radio stations and podcasts

Proximus has signed an agreement with Radioline, the European leader of radio station aggregation with a catalog of 60,000 radio stations and audio podcasts. All the content offered by Radioline will be included in the basic offer of Proximus TV...

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Proximus selects Opinum as a strategic partner to manage the consumption data of its 14,000 energy meters

The partners will develop and market applications of energy management.   Lower energy bill thanks to partnership with Opinum. Proximus has formed a partnership with Opinum, in which Opinum will offer solutions for analyzing energy...

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Walloon government and mobile operators seal agreement for an even more connected Wallonia

[Joint press release] The Walloon government and mobile operators have announced that they have reached an agreement in principle on the issue of taxing mobile infrastructures, paving the way for an ambitious collaboration on the digital Wallonia of...

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Proximus launches the project ‘Fiber for Belgium’ to bring a future-proof next generation network to its customers

Proximus announces an investment of 3 billion € in the coming 10 years to accelerate the roll-out of Fiber in Belgium. Fiber is the fixed network of the future: thanks to unrivalled speeds, which can be identical in download and upload, Fiber...

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More than 50 CEOs of companies, social actors and government make a commitment to Kris Peeters: "We build bridges to integrate vulnerable people into our employment market"

CEOs of more than 50 organizations are joining forces to integrate vulnerable people - refugees, the disabled and low-skilled young people - into our employment market: companies such as Proximus, Accenture, Securex and Sodexo, social organizations such...

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Identification of prepaid cards: Proximus helps its customers identify themselves

As from early December, the legislation requires users of new Belgian prepaid cards and existing users to identify themselves. Proximus helps its customers and offers them various simple identification methods. Proximus also offers an alternative,...

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