Can you diggit? Yes, you can!

We are committed to opening up the access to digital tools to people living in Belgium. And there’s still a challenge ahead to close the digital gap in Belgium.

That’s where diggit comes in.

diggit, powered by Proximus, is an educational project for kids helping seniors to go digital. Not only does diggit bring generations closer together, it also allows the digital natives of today to share their experience with seniors. So, they can benefit the use of these brand-new digital tools too. To the best of their ability.

In 2011, we launched the project Web Experts. Thanks to this project, more than 3,000 kids taught about 5,000 seniors to deal with new, digital technology. Today, with the successor of Web Experts – baptized as diggit – we take yet another leap forward. diggit offers a brand-new platform with up to date, relevant content about all kinds of digital tools to youngsters and their teachers. So they can help seniors to go digital. After all, Proximus wants to show an even higher commitment to help people to gain the necessary skills for a digital future. diggit is by far a very important pillar of our educational initiaties.

What is “diggit” exactly?

The diggit project offers a digital platform to all schools & youngsters associations (homework schools, youth centers, ...), that are eager to share their digital knowledge with their seniors. diggit is accessible through the Proximus corporate website on

The platform contains several learning modules such as how to communicate online, how to share pictures, how to look for information online or how to use the internet safely. We invite kids to use these tools and their digi-wisdom to make seniors go digital.

Teachers also have a set of practical, hands-on training instructions at their disposal on the diggit platform. They can use these tools during their classes to make their pupils even more digi-savvy.

Every school or youth association, that wants to take part in diggit, is free to define how to bring seniors digitally up to speed.

Who can diggit?

The diggit project is freely accessible to any representative of a school - director, teachers and/or kids - or youth association.

You don’t need to be a Proximus-customer, nor dispose of a Proximus internet connection to participate.

What’s in it for you?

Every month, the diggit team elects 5 winners. One winning school or youth association gets awarded “Best diggit project of the Month” and receives 1 PC and € 500. The other 4 winners each get 1 PC as a prize.
At the end of the year, the professional diggit jury awards the “Best diggit project of the Year” amongst the “Best diggit projects of the Month”. An extra € 2,000 goes to the school or youth association that initiated this winning project.

Just diggit!

I have a question?

Whatever question … just contact us on And we’ll get back to you in just a jiffy!

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