Are you looking for tools to explain your pupils how they can safely use the internet, communicate with digital tools or configure their smartphone account? On the diggit platform you will find a full set of ready-made, detailed classroom instructions and digital material, that you can use as an inspiration source and guide for your classes. These instructions have been fully aligned with the ICT end-terms. That way, you will be able to develop the relevant ICT competences of your pupils and ensure they can be successful in that domain. And … why not as well submit an inspiring diggit-project with the digi-savvy teens in your class?

Sharing digital information

It covers the correct configuration and proper use of Gmail, Facebook and Instagram. You will also find the importance of right of publicity and privacy online and on social media.

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Digital use of video & music

This is all about how to watch videos on YouTube. You will also find information about creating an account, listening to music & creating playlists on Spotify. You’ll be able to give your students plenty of tips & tricks too.

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Online communication tools

people on computer

In this module you will get information on the set-up and use of the favorite online communication tools: WhatsApp, Skype and Facetime. It’s the ideal moment to talk about talking to strangers … or better not talking.

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Internet security & safety

Fiber for Belgium

Creating awareness about online safety is a hot topic. This module covers dangers of malware, using an antivirus program and defining a strong password. But also how to stay safe on internet and stop cyberbullying.

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Searching online information

In this module, your pupils will learn how to use a browser and loads of great online tools. You will be able to give interesting knowledge sites & apps

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Hardware & connectivity

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It's is about choosing the right hardware, the pro’s and con’s of wifi vs 3G & 4G and how to use your smartphone. You will be able to demo how to make great pictures and videos.

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Tools for Wizzkids

Your pupils are deeply into diggit with our playfully developed tools. Feel free to browse them, use them in your classroom and start a diggit project!

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