Annual Report 2017

Financial Highlights

  • Underlying EBITDA
    Underlying EBITDA
    Domestic grew by 2.0% to 1,680 M€ driven by a more efficient cost base, compensating for the pressure on Direct margin.
  • Households / Small Offices
    per X-Play
    Households/Small Offices per X-Play
    Proximus’ convergence success was especially apparent with strong growth in 4-Play, supported by all-in offers.
  • Free Cash Flow (in M€)
    Free Cash Flow (in M€)
    EUR 292 million 2017 FCF, including EUR 219 million related to the acquisition of TeleSign. 2017 FCF of EUR 511 million on a like-for-like basis.
  • Operational results - Postpaid
    Operational results - Postpaid
    Larger Mobile Postpaid customer base, +145,000 YoY
  • Operational results - Internet
    Operational results - Internet
    Growing customer base for fixed internet, +62,000 YoY and increased market share +0.2 pp
  • Operational results - TV
    Operational results - TV
    Growing market shares for TV, + 0.9 pp YoY and solid customer base growth + 71,000 YoY
  • Net income (in M€)
    Net income (in M€)
    Proximus reported a 2017 net income (Group share) of EUR 522 million. This is fairly stable compared to 2016.
  • Capex (in M€)
    Capex (in M€)
    Proximus continued to invest in Fiber deployment, finalization of the Vectoring upgrade and 4G roll-out. The increase was linked to the renewal of 3-year contracts for football.
  • Net Finance Cost
    Net Finance Cost
    The 2017 Net Finance Cost totaled EUR 70 million, EUR 31 million lower versus last year’s level, mainly resulting from refinancing at a lower interest rate.
  • Domestic Revenue
    Domestic Revenue
    Proximus grew its Domestic Revenue by 1.1% in 2017, driven by both the Consumer and Enterprise segments in spite of regulatory headwinds and competitive landscape.
  • Consumer Revenue
    Consumer Revenue
    0.7% revenue growth, in spite of roaming regulation impact. Proximus’ dual-brand strategy proved very supportive in an increased competitive environment.
  • Entreprise Revenue
    Entreprise Revenue
    Growth by 1.7% in a competitive setting, driven by ICT and Advanced Business Services. Strong growth in Mobile customer base partly compensated for the regulatory impact on Mobile roaming revenue.
  • Group Operating Expenses
    Group Operating Expenses
    Strong focus on structurally improving the cost base. Over 2017, the Group expenses were reduced by EUR 44 million or 2.4%, totaling EUR 1,789 million.
  • Domestic Expenses
    Domestic Expenses
    Decrease by 3.2% to reach EUR 1,652 million for 2017, well on track to reach the ambition of EUR 150 million net cost savings in the four-year period 2016-2019.
  • Domestic Workforce Expenses
    Domestic Workforce Expenses
    Supported by a lower internal headcount compared to end- 2016, down by a net number of 450 FTEs over the year, including 373 FTEs having left the company through the voluntary early leave plan ahead of retirement.
  • Group EBITDA
    Group EBITDA
    The Proximus Group posted for 2017 underlying EBITDA of 1,823M€, an increase by 1.5% compared to 2016.
  • Domestic EBITDA
    Domestic EBITDA
    The Domestic EBITDA grew by 2.0% year-on year to 1,680 M€, driven by a favorable Direct Margin evolution, and especially by a solid reduction in expenses.
    143 M€ BICS Segment Result, -4.2% from 2016. Solid 10.8% contribution margin, + 0.6pp in a market in full transition moving from Voice to Data usage.
CEO and Chairman

A word from our CEO and Chairman

Key Achievements

  • Studio 100
    Exclusive partnership with Studio 100
  • Be-Mobile
    New data traffic analysis tool for Be-Mobile
  • Portfolio
    360,000 customers on new product portfolio
  • UEFA Champions League
    Exclusive coverage of the UEFA Champions League
  • Invoicing
    New invoicing tool for business customers
  • MyProximus
    Launch of new MyProximus app
  • HR
    Renewing our talent base and fostering internal mobility
  • Scarlet HiFive
    Launch of HiFive: Scarlet's millennial offer
  • Voice lines
    Voice lines migrated to IP
  • Acquisitions
    New strategic acquisitions
  • LoRaWAN
    Market leader for connected things with 1,3 Mio things connected to LoRaWAN network
  • Happy House
    Happy House visits reaching customer satisfaction of 93%
  • Telindus
    Telindus Luxembourg launching Fin-Tech Solutions
  • Vectoring
    Largest vectoring coverage worldwide
  • NxtPort
    NxtPort, a new digital platform for the Antwerp Port community
  •  Climate
    We became a climate neutral company, only telco operator in Belgium
  • Fibet roll out
    Rollout started in Antwerp, Brussels, Charleroi, Ghent, Hasselt, Liège, Namur
  • 4,5G
    First to start the 4,5G rollout in 7 cities