We constantly keep people in touch with the world so they can live better and work smarter. Our employees do their utmost every day to make this possible. And we're proud of that. That's why you'll enjoy a whole range of great benefits working for us.

A look behind the scenes

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A culture of coaching and feedback

As the market leader in the telecom sector, we want to continue to grow in order to always distinguish ourselves from the other players on the market. Whereas in the past the focus lay on our superior network and range of products and services, we find that this is no longer enough today. Our customers expect more than that. They expect simple solutions, a high-quality end-to-end service, and an optimal user experience.

'Good to Gold' Journey

To deliver that, we must organize ourselves and collaborate differently.  It's no longer about what we offer but the way in which we offer it.  These customer expectations and changes in organization, collaboration, mentality and behavior go hand in hand with a change in our corporate culture. That's why we embarked on our "Good to Gold" journey, a phased process of change that is to lead to the implementation of a new corporate culture.

Our team leaders have a crucial role to fulfill in this. It's their task to guide and support their teams and to coach every employee so we can continue to give the best of ourselves every day.

Our values

Throughout our "Good to Gold" journey it's absolutely essential that we share the same values. This helps us speak a common language and makes collaboration easier. These values are also a reflection of our strategy and confirm our focus on growth. Our winner's mentality is characterized by the following three values:

  • Collaboration
  • Agility
  • Accountability

All our employees personally contribute to applying these values in our organization.

Fair pay policy

We obtain a very high score in satisfaction surveys about pay. This does not only relate to the figure you see on your pay slip every month but also a whole series of tangible and intangible benefits of a very high value.

Pay and benefits

Your net salary is more than in line with the market. In addition, you benefit from the luxury of working for an innovative telecom operator since we give you access to all our products and services. After all, as an employee you're an ambassador of the company – whatever your job is. And therefore you receive a nice smartphone, fixed telephony and extra advantageous rates on internet and TV.

And the insurance package that protects you and your family is also much more extensive than elsewhere. That's one thing less for you to worry about.

Individual and collective bonus

Do you work hard and obtain the results that contribute to us achieving our objectives? In that case we'll reward your efforts with a nice year-end bonus. On top of that, you and all your colleagues receive a collective bonus if we achieve our objectives as a company. Regardless at which level you work in the company.

Our own diversity project

Precisely because we experience the added value of diversity every day, we're careful to preserve that diversity in our teams. To this end, a focus group strives to devote constant attention to ensure there are enough differences in gender, age, culture and disabilities.

We expect our leaders and managers to apply a balanced leadership style, reflecting both masculine and feminine leadership behaviors.

We also have our own diversity charter.

Top Employer 2017

The Top Employers Institute is the global certifier of excellent employee conditions created by employers. At Proximus, we are proud that the Institute has recognized our excellent work environment. We received the label not just because of our excellent employee conditions, but because we pay attention to talent development at all levels and continuously strive to improve our employee conditions.