Dominique Leroy, CEO Proximus Group
Dominique Leroy, CEO Proximus Group

It is my firm belief that we have to do everything possible to give coming generations the future they deserve. Therefore, join me and Proximus in signing the climate mandate "Sign for my future".

Proximus fully supports "Sign for my future", the most broadly-based climate initiative ever in Belgium. "Sign for my future" is calling on all Belgians to speak out for a strong climate policy.

By collecting as many signatures as possible, the initiators "Vzw Klimaatmandaat" want to urge current and future governments to really set to work on a strong climate policy:

We want to convince all politicians to act now and do what is needed to safeguard our future and that of our children. In practice, this means taking the necessary measures to meet the commitments of the Paris Climate Treaty and ensuring that greenhouse-gas emissions are significantly reduced so that Belgium is climate neutral by 2050. This campaign is mainly for our youth, who will have to live with the consequences of global warming.

Let your voice be heard and sign the climate mandate with us on

As a company, Proximus has been setting the tone for years when it comes to climate-friendly business. We reduced the CO2 emissions of our Belgian activities by 70% between 2007 and 2015, and since 2016 we are proud to call ourselves a CO2-neutral company for our own activities.

Proximus achieved this through many initiatives. Some examples: 99% of the electricity used for our activities in Belgium comes from renewable energy sources, 87% of our waste is reused or recycled, we collect old mobile phones for recycling, we have improved the energy efficiency of our fixed and mobile networks, reduced our electricity consumption in our data centres and renewed heating installations in our buildings. In addition, we are committed to a sustainable mode of travel for our employees by promoting teleworking and working from home and encouraging them to opt for a green mobility plan, which is more successful year after year.

But that's not all. By 2025, we want to reduce our own CO2 emissions by a further 30% and by 2040 we want to reduce our indirect emissions by 50% through awareness raising among customers and suppliers. We will compensate for our remaining emissions by supporting international climate projects, especially in Africa.