Our strategy 

Our sense of purpose

We connect everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter

This is our reason for existence. We can only be meaningful to our customers if we offer them solutions that make their life easier and that enable them to work in a more efficient and effective way.

Becoming a digital service provider delivering a superior customer experience

Our guiding purpose is to connect everyone and everything so people live better and work smarter. We believe in the positive aspects of technology. We want to make this world of new possibilities accessible to all, with solutions to answer real needs.

As a digital service provider, it is our ambition to bring new technologies in an easy way to our customers and improving their lives and work environment. We want to favor a new digital eco-system, open to partnerships and collaboration with new emerging players and offer our customers access to new technologies and their benefits in an easy and customer friendly way. It’s by means of new application-led and service-oriented solutions that customers will experience the true meaning of our customer centricity mission.

It’s our ultimate objective to service our customers and offer them a superior customer experience with a quality and service that can be experienced through our best quality integrated network, easy-to-use and innovative solutions, best accessibility & local reach, and proactive servicing.

Fit for Growth strategy

We stay true to our Fit for Growth strategy and continue our transformation to become a Digital Service Provider delivering a superior customer experience, helping customers reap the benefits of digital transformation


Become “Fit”

Since the launch of our Fit for Growth strategy, we showed great results in our ambition to reduce our costs and become leaner. Over the coming years we’ll continue to simplify by phasing out our legacy IT and network systems and by re-engineering our processes accordingly.

At the same time we accelerate our transformation to flexible IT, and better phase our initiatives to reap the maximum benefits. We also continue the simplification of our product portfolio and the migration of legacy plans.

We will achieve higher efficiency through our “Fit Battles”, optimizing costs without compromising on customer experience or even improving it thanks to the virtuous impact of digital transformation.

And we tackle the structural root-causes of waste by further improving on “First time right” with dedicated action plans, including simplifying product design rules and improving billing quality.

Grow the core

Our core business remains the largest contributor to growth in the coming years. In a flattish Belgian ICT market, finding such growth means growing faster than the market.

Our market shares are to grow thanks to a more segmented offer driven by a more modular approach in the way we design and price our integrated solutions. Our marketing and sales actions become more targeted and data-driven, moving away from one-size-fits-all marketing actions. We counter commoditization and reinforce our brand consideration and relevance by putting more emphasis on our customers’ wants and needs and less on our products and technology.

Digital transformation is no longer about getting ready for the future. Digital transformation is happening now. It’s about doing things right to be in sync with our time and to meet the service standards of younger generations in an efficient way. We accelerate the digitalization of our support and service model and embed continuous customer feedback loops. At the same time digital sales and CRM tools are being built for a true omni-channel experience and smooth digital interactions on all interfaces.

Build the future

We will continue to roll-out fiber in Belgium. The objective is to reach 85% of businesses and 50% of households in the coming 10 years. Fiber is an opportunity to radically transform the company on all fronts (processes, network maintenance, organization and way of working). We will continue to invest in mobile further supporting our leadership position and will be ready to invest in 5G if and when compelling use cases arise. The use of advanced analytics will help us prioritize our network investments and track their return.

Thanks to the creation of winning partnerships and ecosystems we are able to offer truly integrated solutions for consumers and enterprises (e.g. for content, advertising, cloud, collaboration, etc.). We want to capture our fair share of the value that is created by those partnerships. Our collaborations with OTTs, local start-ups, innovative companies, local flagships and universities are continued and we will also provide flexible and digital access to our network assets through virtualization. This will make it easier for ourselves or for third parties to develop new digital services.

We continue to bring meaningful innovations to the market by keeping focus on the innovation domains that we have selected and in which we have the highest chances of success based on our current capabilities and customers. Unified Communication and Collaboration, Cloud and Content aggregation are strengthening our core business and helping us to remain relevant to our customers, just as Smart Home will. Security is a major growth area. Smart advertising benefits the local content ecosystem and opens the door to new business models. IoT and Mobility services are real adjacent businesses with a large potential for the future.

Transform the way we work

In order to adapt to the changing market conditions we change the way we work.  It’s about getting the right culture, the right skills and attitudes, and the best organization to be successful and resilient.

We continue our Good to Gold journey to ensure sustainable adoption with training, role modelling and adaptations in our performance management while our change management approach is being further professionalized to better support our employees, resulting in a more effective transformation.

We will grow and engage the people in our organization, giving them ownership of their continuous development and fostering internal mobility. A “Digital first” mindset is initiated by fostering the digital skills of our employees at Proximus, as well as by providing the appropriate tools and work environment.

With an outside-in perspective, we will gradually shift towards a flexible organization by scaling up selectively, through design thinking, agile development, local teams, and transversal ways of working.