On 1 January, Studio 100 TV is moving to Proximus





On 1 January, Studio 100 TV is moving to Proximus


On 1 January, Studio 100 TV is moving to Proximus, Studio 100 and Proximus are launching Studio 100 GO, a completely revamped digital platform, and Studio 100 HITS, a brand-new music channel, and Proximus will become an exclusive partner of the Plopsa parks

At the end of October 2017, we announced that, from 1 January, Studio 100 TV in Flanders would be exclusively available in the basic TV offer of Proximus, and that Njam! would also be available for all Proximus TV customers. Studio 100 and Proximus are pleased to announce that their strategic partnership will moreover be greatly expanded on 1 January 2018 with a brand-new TV channel: "Studio 100 HITS". Wanagogo, the digital entertainment platform for children, will also be completely revamped and will be called "Studio 100 GO" as of 1 January. And, as icing on the cake, there’s a cooperation agreement with the Plopsa Group.

The cooperation with Studio 100 began in March 2016 with the exclusive launch of Wanagogo, the digital platform of Studio 100 with all the popular children's heroes, on Proximus and via the Wanagogo app. Later in 2016, the partnership was extended with the launch of the Studio 100 TV channel in Wallonia as part of the basic offer of Proximus TV.

Studio 100 TV moves to Proximus

From 1 January 2018, Flemish children will also be able to watch Studio 100 TV with Proximus. The channel will be exclusively available for all Proximus customers in Flanders, Brussels, and Wallonia. The channel forms part of the basic offer and provides safe, custom programs for children, who benefit from an extensive offering of series, movies, music and shows around the clock.

Njam! cooking channel also in the basic TV offer of Proximus

Besides Studio 100 TV, Proximus customers with a passion for cooking will also be able to watch the Njam! cooking channel as of 1 January on Proximus TV.

Studio 100 HITS, a brand-new music channel

Studio 100 and Proximus are also launching Studio 100 HITS, a brand-new TV channel devoted to music, featuring video clips, Karaoke sessions, and music specials on Studio 100 celebrities such as K3, Ghost Rockers, Samson and Gert, and Piet Piraat. Children will be able to watch and listen to music 24/7.  Everyone can sing along and dance to their heart's content. The channel is completely ad-free and exclusively available to Proximus customers with a TV subscription. This channel forms part of the Kids Channels (€5.95/month) and All Kids (€9.95/month) TV bundles.

Wanagogo has been totally revamped and is now called Studio 100 GO

Proximus customers benefit from even more innovations: the existing Wanagogo app has been completely revamped and will contain, alongside the pay-for offer, a free offer for everyone. What's more, Wanagogo will be called Studio 100 GO.

Studio 100 GO has some key advantages:

  • A new interface, which is even better adapted to children, much faster and more intuitive. Children can find their favorite program more quickly, and what they see is adapted to their age and wishes.
  • The Freemium model, something for everyone: you get a lot, or even more. From 1 January, the Studio 100 GO app can be downloaded for free. This app contains lots of free programs, games, and books. Children no longer have to go on You Tube to look for their favorite Studio 100 heroes – they can find them all in a safe environment. And customers who want even more can opt for the Studio 100 GO Pass, which is exclusively reserved for Proximus customers. With this subscription formula, children get unlimited access to an extensive Studio 100 offer of series, musicals, movies, specials, music, books and games. The Studio 100 GO Pass is available on a TV, via the app, and on any available device, in Dutch and French, within the same subscription. Parents can download what they want so that their children can play, watch, and read with or without an Internet connection, at home or on the go. Studio 100 GO Pass is completely ad-free and has no in-app purchases.  One subscription gives the customer full access to Studio 100 GO Pass for four users.

Both the Studio 100 GO Pass and the Studio 100 HITS channel have been added to the All Kids option.

Lots of advantages for Proximus customers in the Plopsa Group parks

Finally, Proximus will become the exclusive telecom partner of the Plopsa Group. In 2018, Proximus will install "experience zones" in all Plopsa parks. In these special zones, visitors will be able to use free Wi-Fi and charge their mobile phones. Proximus will also be present in the Plopsa app.

Moreover, for the Proximus customer days, Proximus will rent out the parks at regular intervals, exclusively for Proximus customers! The amusement park season starts on 31 March 2018 in Plopsaland De Panne, which is exclusively reserved for Proximus customers on that day. Other customer days will follow in Plopsa Coo and Plopsa Indoor Hasselt.

Dominique Leroy, CEO of Proximus
Dominique Leroy, CEO of Proximus

I am very pleased with this considerable expansion of the agreement with Studio 100 – an important strategic choice for Proximus in the long term. Studio 100 is a fixed value in Belgium. Their vision and ambition is completely in line with that of Proximus: always putting our customers first and offering them the things they are looking for. In Studio 100, we have found the right partner. Every day, they strive to create truly relevant programs for children. The cooking channel Njam!, exclusive access to Studio 100 TV, the brand-new music channel Studio 100 HITS, and the Studio 100 GO Pass constitute a large expansion of our offer and will further embed Proximus in households with children, just like Netflix and the Champions League are important trumps for entertainment and sports fans. At the same time, our national presence and strong position in  Wallonia will support Studio 100 in its further growth.

Hans Bourlon, of Studio 100

We are very happy that Proximus, an iconic Belgian company, has resolutely chosen for Studio 100 as a partner for growth. We are very satisfied with the cooperation with Proximus in recent years, and are delighted that we can extend it to Flanders. Together with Proximus, we will write a fine Belgian narrative. Proximus offers us global reach for all our characters, through every possible channel, in both parts of the country. This cooperation is already starting to bear fruit with the rebranding of Wanagogo to the new, free app Studio 100 GO, the digital platform Studio 100 GO Pass with a subscription plan from Proximus, and the new channel, Studio 100 HITS.

Steve Van den Kerkhof

Given that both Plopsa and Proximus are pioneering companies, we are convinced that we will strengthen each other and achieve great things, leading to lots of extra advantages for our visitors and customers!

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