Proximus increases tenfold the capacity of its transport network – the backbone of voice, data and TV services

Proximus innovates and invests heavily in the modernization of its transport network, which interconnects all its sites and centralized service platforms. With its TITAN project, Proximus anticipates the sustained exponential growth of data traffic and...

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Proximus is running an esports cave in Antwerp this month

In May, Proximus announced the launch of three official esport competitions. ESPORT TV recently became exclusively available on Proximus TV (channel 71). And from 4 to 31 August, Proximus is running an esports cave on the Meir (no. 16) in Antwerp:...

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Proximus Group financial results – Second quarter 2018

Proximus Group closes a solid first half of the year with strong second-quarter results, showing continued customer growth and a solid set of financials in a highly competitive market Continued net customer gain for Consumer Internet and TV in a...

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The Bundesliga is coming to Proximus TV this summer!

With its ambition to offer more competitions to its sports fans, Proximus is proud to announce that the German championship will this year be added to the list of the best international football championships already available on Proximus TV such as the...

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Proximus regrets the federal government’s decision to open the 2019 spectrum auctions to a fourth mobile operator

We have taken note of the agreement in principle of the federal government to open the upcoming spectrum auctions, announced for 2019, to a fourth mobile operator under discriminatory conditions. We regret this decision as it will allow a new operator...

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Proximus concludes agreement with Flemish government on "network of the future"

Flemish Minister-President Geert Bourgeois, Minister for Innovation Philippe Muyters, and Proximus have reached an agreement on the super-fast digital network of the future. The aim of this agreement is to position Flemish companies and households among...

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BESIX Group and Proximus announce Smart Buildings partnership

BESIX Group, the largest Belgian construction Group and a global construction player with a strong experience in the design and construction of high rise and complex buildings, and Proximus, the Belgian leading telecommunication and ICT company, today...

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Codit acquisition to boost Proximus’ ambitions in the fast-growing market of Integration of People, Things & Applications

Proximus announces the acquisition of Codit, a Belgium-headquartered IT services company and a market leader in business application integration, API Management, Microsoft Azure and Internet of Things. Codit uses a wide range of Microsoft...

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Proximus connects Antwerp's diamond district to its fiber network

Antwerp, 2 July 2018 - In December 2016, Proximus announced an investment of 3 billion euro over 10 years to accelerate the roll-out of fiber in Belgium. In 2017, Proximus began the roll-out of fiber in seven cities, including Antwerp. Today, Ari...

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Proximus launches "Epic", a new mobile offer for millennials

Today, Proximus is expanding its mobile offer with Epic, a new mobile offer by and for millennials. With the launch of Epic beats and Epic stories, Proximus wants to remove the barriers to mobile data usage. For less than €20 per month 1, Epic users...

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