Welcome to our growing Ecosystem of ICT & Business Transformation Experts

Use your ICT knowledge to help shape the digital world, and keep improving yourself

We are something quite unique. An ICT Ecosystem that, thanks to different subsidiaries, brings to market an integrated ICT offer. Each individual partner has a top expertise in a specific field: from app developers to integrated ICT solutions; from data privacy and security to smart mobility solutions. By combining our strengths, we make everything possible for our customers.

As an ICT specialist or engineer, you can discover a world of opportunities with us. Whether you're in your element working in a big company or prefer a startup environment, we cater to both.

And with us, whatever your ICT field, you can keep your finger on the pulse of technological developments that are helping to define our future. You will collaborate on many of today's hot topics, such as mobility, sustainable energy, and cyber security, and build unique solutions for large, often international, companies.

Thanks to the wide range of technologies you will work on, and our unparalleled investment in training, from day one you will start improving your skills. This is a huge opportunity to grow and develop a career in a flexible environment.

Because nothing stops you from moving from one subsidiary to another, or pursuing a career within the larger group.

We’re expanding our ICT Ecosystem daily. So, we’re constantly looking for real whizzes like you. Discover all our jobs on...