Belfius-Proximus, two Belgian leaders sign an unprecedented strategic partnership

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Every day, the banking and telecom sectors face new challenges, which are also new opportunities: technological revolution, massive adoption of digital tools, new entrants, economic volatility, etc. To face these challenges, Belfius and Proximus have decided to lay the foundations for lasting cooperation. The Belgian bancassurer, a leader in digital customer experience, and the Belgian telecoms market leader are today signing an unprecedented strategic partnership based on long-term commercial cooperation. Subject to the approval of the competent authorities, Belfius and Proximus will market an exclusive and digitally integrated offer for their respective customers from next year onwards via a disruptive ecosystem.

A local strategic alliance at the forefront of the digital arena

This strategic partnership between two Belgian pioneers is unique in several respects. A collaboration on an equal footing between a bank and a telecom operator is a world first. It offers a relevant local alternative to global players who integrate telecom, media and financial services into their ecosystems. Moreover, the way in which Belfius and Proximus will provide access to their mutual offers will push back the limits of conventional ecosystems, while being inspiring for Belgian society as a whole.

A partnership based on shared values

This partnership finds its full expression in the values shared by Belfius and Proximus. Two partners who put their customers at the center of their actions in a constantly evolving world. Both companies, digital frontrunners, strongly believe in the power of digitalization and the potential of disruptive ecosystems to strengthen relationships with their customers. More broadly, Belfius and Proximus combine economic and societal goals by offering innovative solutions to meet the major challenges our society is facing.

Exclusive digital-focused offers

Thanks to this partnership, Proximus customers will have access to an exclusive, innovative and attractive digital banking offer developed by Belfius through a specially designed digital platform. This offer for new and existing customers will integrate new ways to support families in their daily banking operations and will leverage Belfius' best-in-class digital experience. True to the DNA of both companies, this offer will be 100% digital and mobile. With a core offering that will be entirely cashless, Proximus and Belfius will support the evolution towards a society without cash, the importance of which was demonstrated during the COVID-19 crisis.

Belfius customers, for their part, will have access to a specific offer developed by Proximus to which they can subscribe through the different Belfius sales channels. An experience that will be linked to the customer's banking profile and will offer enhanced benefits in terms of content and services (mobile data, VIP experience, etc.). In the light of this collaboration, the Belfius application will be completely renewed, and will integrate informative, relational and emotionally surprising digital experiences.

A first step that lays the foundations for a lasting collaboration

Proximus and Belfius are convinced that this innovative partnership, which goes far beyond a simple exchange of services in their respective applications and which is characterized by a unique digital experience, will contribute to the sustainable development of Belgian society and will bring real added value to their respective customers.

Marc RaisièreCEO - Belfius

I'm particularly happy and proud that Belfius and Proximus are becoming strategic partners. Not just because we are laying the foundations for a strategic collaboration unique in the world. But above all because we are creating an innovative business model that makes real sense and will be a true "life changer" for our customers. Both in terms of the product offer specially designed for our customers and the exceptional experience we want to offer them. Proximus' visionary choice to also be a content provider combined with our own expertise and strategy will allow us to create disruptive digital environments that bring real change to customers' lives. And I'm convinced that this collaboration will be a success for both Belfius and Proximus.

Guillaume BoutinCEO - Proximus

I'm very pleased that we can conclude a strategic partnership with Belfius today. I 'm convinced that the creation of local ecosystems and the combination of two strong local brands, two emblems of the Belgian economy and two digital champions allow us to create a more complete, innovative and relevant service offering for the benefit of our customers. This digital mindset and fundamental openness to cooperation is a driving force behind our new strategy, which aims to make Proximus the reference operator in Europe. It's a step forward in line with our brand promise "Think Possible" and our mission to open up a world of digital possibilities so that people can live better and work smarter.


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