diggit winner: Collège Saint-Hubert, Auderghem (December 2019)

As part of the computer course, all the pupils in the 4th, 5th and 6th years of primary school were able to invite their grandparents during the course. They became "coaches for a day" for their guest. The theme of this meeting was computer science, a tool for communication.

In 4th grade, they proposed an activity showing the guests to send and receive an email with or without attachment with the Mail application, both on the tablet and on the MacMini. They also explained to their guest how to send a picture by AirDrop from the tablet to the computer.

In 5th grade, they coached their guests in making a brochure to introduce their school to future new students in the Pages application on the computer. The school management will choose the most beautiful folders to distribute.

In 6th grade, they explained how to plan a trip and create a graphic with the Numbers application. They chose to talk about their future snow classes next March. Each guest left with a tutorial made for him/her.

This project involved all classes from 4th to 6th grade (9 classes, 212 pupils). 198 guests were welcomed. This 5th "Cyber Meeting" was a huge success with a 93% participation level.

This meeting took place from Tuesday 26 November to Monday 2 December 2019 during the hours of the computer course.

The objective was to have fun and share knowledge with the grandparents. The students reversed the roles, they became teachers and their grandparents became students again. An enriching experience for everyone!


Congratulations to the students!

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