diggit winner: municipal school 't Blokje, Loenhout (Feb 2020)

Big congratulations to the sixth grade pupils, teachers and ICT coordinator on achieving their Diggit fair!

On Friday 7 February, like experienced teachers, the pupils '"taught" their parents and grandparents about the Internet and everything that goes with it.

Indeed, they had prepared themselves well …

The project was presented to the pupils using the Diggit website and then the pupils could add topics. They then went deeper into the subject matter they wanted to explain to their "students": Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, WhatsApp and much else besides. Also, dangers such as phishing and how to surf the Internet safely were not overlooked. They became real "experts".

The pupils were subsequently taught how to create a manual on their subject, after which they practiced passing on their knowledge to others. They did this in a group but also individually.

And then it was time for the real thing!

65 parents and grandparents came by on 7 February and they learned a lot at the various information stands. In the end they had nothing but positive things to say and after a cup of coffee and with the mini-manuals tucked under their arms, the students for one day returned home satisfied.

"It's a big project but we're doing it with a lot of enthusiasm", says ICT coordinator Peter Van Gils. "The responses from parents and grandparents are very positive and the pupils also learn a lot, such as how to work together, explain things to an audience, and write manuals. They also acquire computer skills".


Congratulations to the students!

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