Become a digital senior’s guide – part 1

Our friends and family are the people we prefer to spend time with. Right? But today, the corona virus forces us to be extremely cautious. We must do all we can to #FlattenTheCurve; so it's smarter to communicate digitally.

Your kids are digital WizzKids. They know how to interact in a digital way, even better than yourself. Your (grand)parents and other elderly people in your family and your neighbourhood might not be fully aware of all the digital possibilities. And in today's circumstances, they can feel very lonely. So we call upon on you and your WizzKids to reach out to seniors and make them go digital. In a safe way, of course!

With the following diggit tips you can give them a little nudge in the right direction:

  1. Tell them that WhatsApp is great to make calls and video calls and to exchange texts and images. If they have an Apple device, they can use FaceTime to call or video call. FaceTime is by default installed on their Apple device, so it might be easier for them. Skype is a third option to make video calls, but for some it could get too complex.
  2. You first explain how to download the app on their tablet or smartphone. If they use a laptop, explain how to find the web version.
  3. Then, you take them step by step through the creation of their account. Make sure they set up a strong password: a combination of letters, figures and special characters.
  4. Afterwards, they're ready to start communicating remotely. With your help and a good portion of patience!
  5. For your support, we invite you to download the comprehensive toolkit "Can you hear me?" on in the chapter "Tools for Wizzkids".
  6. What to do with the toolkit?
    1. Share it with your kids, so they can guide their grandparents and other elderly in your family or neighbourhood through it, step by step. They can do that via mobile or classic, for instance.
    2. Your beloved ones have e-mail? Then, send them the toolkit! They can print it themselves, if they have a printer. Or scroll through it online.
    3. You can print the toolkit and send it to your (grand)parents and other members of your family by mail.
    4. Your (grand)parents live in a care institution? Don’t hesitate the send the toolkit to the care institution, so they can take action towards their residents. We see several stories about elderly homes that do all in their power to enable digital interactions.

Now's a good time to use all the digital tools at hand to remotely communicate with (grand)parents, friends and family, give them a digital cuddle … and keep everyone safe!

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