Become a digital senior’s guide – part 2

We have to stay at home as much as we can to stop spreading the corona virus and #FlattenTheCurve. For some, having no-one over for a visit, it can be very lonesome weeks. So it is even more important to share precious, surprising, funny, touching moments with each other. Because #SharingIsCaring! In a digital way!

Your kids are digital WizzKids. Sharing experiences with digital tools like e-mail, Facebook and Instagram holds no secrets for them. Time to share their secrets to virtually stay in touch with your (grand)parents and other elderly people in your family and neighbourhood. In a safe way, of course!

With the following diggit tips you can give them a little nudge in the right direction:

  1. There are several ways to digitally exchange experiences. It all depends on what they might already be using today or how they prefer to communicate
    1. E-mail: if your (grand)parents like to write, it's the ideal way to exchange stories. If they're just starting, no need to complicate things with attachments!
    2. Facebook: if they enjoy looking at pictures and videos of their grandchildren and also like to comment on them, Facebook is the place to be.
    3. Or Instagram.
  2. You first explain how to download the app on their tablet or smartphone. If they use a laptop, explain how to find the web version.
  3. Afterwards, you explain how to create an account, for example on Facebook. Don't forget the importance of a strong password: a combination of letters, figures and special characters.
  4. Then, you explain how to start using, for instance, Facebook: how does your Facebook profile look like, how can you scroll through posts, like them and write comments, how can you share a picture, how can you follow your favourite TV show. Idem for Instagram, by the way!
  5. Most importantly, don't forget to tell how to make friends! Because that's how #SharingIsCaring starts!
  6. Afterwards, they're ready to start liking, commenting and sharing their experiences. With your help and a good portion of patience!
  7. For your support, we invite you to download the comprehensive toolkit "Sharing is Caring" on in the chapter "Tools for Wizzkids"
  8. What to do with the toolkit?
    1. Share it with your kids, so they can guide their grandparents and other elderly in your family through it, step by step. They can do that via mobile or classic, for instance.
    2. Your beloved ones have e-mail? Then, send them the toolkit! They can print it themselves, if they have a printer. Or scroll through it online.
    3. You can print the toolkit and send it to your (grand)parents and other members of your family by mail.
    4. Your (grand)parents live in a care institution? Don’t hesitate the send the toolkit to the care institution, so they can take action towards their residents. We see several stories about elderly homes that take action to enable digital interactions.

Now's a good time to use all the digital tools at hand to instantly share experiences with (grand)parents, friends and family, give them a digital cuddle … and keep everyone safe!

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