3 good reasons to recycle your old mobile phone

Last updated on 20-05-2021

You understandably like to keep up with the latest trends and want to impress your friends with the latest hip model smartphone. Nothing wrong with that, but what about your old device? It'll probably end up in some drawer while you think to yourself "I'll just keep it for a while, just in case I need it again..."

You shouldn't really worry about that. Odds of this happening are very slim, while this is the reason over 3 million old mobile phones collect dust in Belgian drawers. Only 5% of our devices are recycled, which is a shame because recycling has so many advantages.

Here are 3 reasons why it is better to grab the bull by the horns and bring in your old mobile phone for recycling:

  1. You are doing our planet a favor: your old mobile phone contains a lot of valuable raw materials such as gold, silver and copper. Instead of continuously tapping into natural reserves by mining, we could just recover them very efficiently from old devices. This is called urban mining.

    By bringing your old mobile phone in for recycling, you also participate in urban mining, which helps to reduce water consumption by 25 million liters, CO₂ emissions by 316 tonnes and toxic waste production by more than 12,000 tonnes. You will also help combat deforestation, as well as soil and water pollution.

  2. You're doing someone else a favor: when we replace our old mobile phone with a new one, the old one is often still in very good condition. Devices that still work perfectly are thoroughly checked, the data of the previous users are removed and the mobile phones are sold on the second-hand market.
  3. You're doing yourself a favor: it's scientifically proven... Overflowing drawers and cabinets are a source of stress and unrest. Cleaning up your old stuff helps you clear your head and boost your resilience. Knowing your old stuff is benefiting other people or our nature makes it even better.

So don't wait any longer, take a good resolution today and bring in that old mobile phone for recycling!

TIP: Don’t miss the call

As a telecom company, we at Proximus are well aware that we make a major contribution to the sale of mobile phones. With our "Don't miss the call" campaign we want to assume our responsibility and teach Belgians a good habit, namely, to recycle their old mobile phones.

The collected mobile phones will either be recycled for the raw materials they contain or reused. With this campaign, we are also raising money for EIGHT, a Belgian organization working against poverty in African villages.

Concretely, we challenge Belgians to bring in 150,000 old mobile phones for recycling to any one of our shops by the end of this year. Anyone returning their old mobile phone to a Proximus Center will receive a voucher worth at least €10. The value of the voucher can also be donated in full to EIGHT.

Answer our planet's call here!


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