International recognition for our fight against climate change

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As a major Belgian player, Proximus wants to do more than just talk about the problem of climate change. That’s why we’ve been working on our own environmental impact for many years now. There’s still room to do even better, but the approach has now once again been noticed by a leading non-profit organization.

In fact, we received a CDP score of A- on December 8, 2020. This confirms our role at the "leadership level", and also puts us in the top 5 of Belgian companies. It is also a motivation to continue on this path, and to look for even more environmentally friendly solutions.

What is the CDP score?

By means of questionnaires, the independent non-profit organization CDP maps all environmental impacts on climate, water and forest. As well as countries and regions, companies can also participate in these voluntarily by filling in these questionnaires. In this way, an extensive amount of data is collected worldwide. The CDP then assesses each participant and assigns it a score, which is also shared on the website.

Based on this evaluation, companies, countries and regions can then themselves develop the necessary action plans on climate change, water security and deforestation. We ourselves have come a long way in this in recent years. CO₂ emissions within Proximus have already been reduced by 70% between 2007 and 2015. Within the activities over which we have direct control, we have even been a completely CO₂-neutral company since 2016. In the first place thanks to replacing obsolete heating systems. But also by reducing energy consumption by 30% over ten years. All the electricity we use today comes from renewable sources. The vehicle fleet was also thoroughly ‘greened’, and there was an additional focus on employee mobility plans. We also provide the necessary compensation if we have not yet found the key to lower CO₂ emissions in certain cases. For example, we support the Tegstove-project in Benin.

Working together with our suppliers for a smaller impact on people and the environment

And it doesn't stop there. We also work closely together with our suppliers to optimize the joint impact on people and the environment. This includes combating child and forced labor, as well as promoting the necessary health and safety legislation and the protection of the environment. In the first place, these are regarded as selection criteria for new suppliers. But this also forms the basis for every subsequent collaboration. Through our Circular Manifesto, our suppliers are committed to integrating circularity criteria in their production and to decrease their CO₂ emissions.

To measure the impact of these and other efforts, we participate in audits of our suppliers. For example, we are a member of the Joint Audit Cooperation (JAC), together with 16 other telecom operators, who together realize 50% of the turnover worldwide. In 2019, five of the 84 audits were carried out for Proximus, resulting in the necessary improvements or an action plan.

In addition, we work together with EcoVadis, whereby we also ask all our suppliers to have themselves evaluated. In 2019, 85% of our suppliers received Silver or Gold EcoVadis recognition based on social criteria, and 75% based on environmental criteria. We ourselves have held the EcoVadis Gold label since 2018.

Get involved and put your heart into tackling climate change. Do you have an old phone lying about? Then bring it in. We will ensure that the precious materials are recycled. And, in exchange, you’ll receive a voucher worth at least €10.


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