Proximus confirms the General Shareholders’ Meetings on 15 April 2020

Regulated Information 10/01/2020 18:15 local time

The meetings will be held without physical participation of the shareholders.

Proximus takes note of the fact that, in the context of the current COVID-19 crisis, the federal government has decided to adopt special measures for the organisation of ordinary and extraordinary general meetings of Belgian companies.

Proximus will, in accordance with its articles of association, hold its annual general meeting on 15 April 2020 at 10 a.m. On the same day, at 11.30 a.m., an extraordinary general meeting will be held. Reference is made in this respect to the notice convening the two general meetings, as available on the company's website.

The Board of Directors decided to confirm the general meetings of 15 April 2020, but subject to the exceptional measures imposed by the authorities.

Consequently, shareholders are not allowed to be physically present at the ordinary and extraordinary general meetings to be held on 15 April 2020.

As always, shareholders will be able to exercise their rights by voting by letter or by granting a proxy in accordance with the procedures specified in the notice convening the general meetings. The Board of Directors has decided that shareholders who would opt for the second possibility must grant their proxy to Mr. Stefaan De Clerck, Chairman of the Board of Directors.

The necessary forms for postal voting and proxy participation for both general meetings are available on the company's website, via the following url:

Finally, the Board of Directors has decided that shareholders will only be able to make use of the possibility to ask their questions in writing. Again, reference is made to the procedures specified in this respect in the notice convening the shareholders' meetings.

However, in deviation from the procedures mentioned in the notice convening the general meetings, the signed proxies, voting by letter, as well as any written questions, must reach the Company no later than the fourth day prior to the day of the general meetings, i.e. no later than Saturday 11 April 2020 (by e-mail to

Both general meetings can be followed by a live streaming which will be made available on the company's website (

The answers to the written questions of shareholders will be answered orally during this live session.

Proximus hopes to have informed you sufficiently and remains available for further explanation or answering any questions you may have in this regard.


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