Proximus increases upload speeds for 1.65 million customers

This large-scale upgrade enhances the daily experience of customers, whether they are homeworking, supervising children’s school assignments or just staying in touch with family and friends.

In these difficult times, where internet connections are more than ever essential to support the different needs of family members, Proximus responds to a sharp increase in the usage of Fixed Internet in every household. Every day customers send heavy files to colleagues, teachers interact with their students, grandchildren share video’s with their grandparents, youngsters upload their stories or stay in touch with friends through digital aperitifs. As a result, the total upload volume used by Proximus customers with a fixed internet connection has almost doubled in one month.

The upload speed determines how long it takes for a user to transfer data from his own device to the Internet. It also allows multiple users to use their internet connections simultaneously. Higher upload speeds therefore ensure that the transfer of files, attachments, photos and videos is faster. It also leads to an improved experience when using applications for videoconferencing, online games or social media. Especially in a context where people are working massively from home and making intensive use of their internet connection, the upload speed is a determining factor for their general comfort and overall ease of use.

Over the past weeks, the Proximus technical teams have carried out a large-scale upgrade of the profiles of Fixed Internet customers. As a result of this operation, 1.65 million customers now enjoy a significantly higher upload speed. The technical migration started on 16 March and was successfully completed last week.

In the future, the roll-out of the fiber network will lead to a significant further increase in both upload and download speed. On 31 March, Proximus announced that it will significantly accelerate the rollout of fiber in the coming years, with the ambition to connect 2.4 million homes by 2025.

Improved speeds and more comfort for customers with fixed internet

More specifically, the maximum upload speeds of the following Internet products have been changed:

The displayed maximum speeds are theoretical. The actual experienced speed is determined by several elements, such as the distance between the customer's place of residence and the equipment of the Proximus network, the availability of VDSL and Fiber, the internal wiring and the use of a wired connection versus WiFi.


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