ORES, the SWDE, Proximus and VOO join forces

ORES, the SWDE (Walloon Water Company), Proximus and VOO are joining forces to make all the connections of their customers in a single day

A first in Belgium! Four operators are joining forces to provide a new service christened “Connect My Home” which enables customers to carry out connection works for electricity, natural gas, water, telephone, television and the Internet in a single day through a single request, a single offer and at no extra cost.

Advantages for the customers

Connect My Home is a service that saves customers time, effort and stress:

In addition, the standard PROXIMUS and VOO connections are free of charge and do not require taking out any subscription.

Advantages for the municipalities also

The municipalities can also benefit from a simplification of administrative procedures, particularly with regard to authorization requests, plus a reduction of the nuisance that construction sites entail: traffic problems, noise, repeated openings in public areas.

In concrete terms

The customer enters a single application for the desired connections on www.connectmyhome.be. ORES, the SWDE, PROXIMUS and VOO analyse the possibility of making these connections in synergy. An ORES customer adviser manages the entire file from application to completion of the work. All the connections are organized on the same day. Connect My Home is also a guarantee of quality.

From a legal point of view, an agreement has been drawn up by and between the four operators, covering all the arrangements made to enable customers to avail themselves of optimal service.

Pilot projects were launched in 2017 in the regions of Mons-La Louvière and Wallonia Picardy (Tournai-Mouscron) and enabled the various operators to test and hone this new modus operandi. Connect My Home is now an efficient service provided with the interest of the customer primarily in mind. It is being deployed gradually so that it can be provided in all the Walloon municipalities where the partner operators are present. In addition, contacts are being made with other companies to extend the service to other regions. A precise schedule has been drawn up for this deployment, namely: from May 2020 for the Charleroi region, August 2020 for Namur, November 2020 for Eastern Wallonia, February 2021 for Walloon Brabant and May 2021 for Luxembourg.


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