Proximus launches ‘Bizz Online Webshop’ for small enterprises

An online shop customizable to all type of business, directly ready to "sell" and very easy to use and update with a personalized assistance of an expert

In the context of the current COVID-19 crisis, entrepreneurs are even more aware that digital is key to continue their business. According to a recent survey done by Kynetec, 26% of SE enterprises think that digitalization will change the way of doing business. This includes having a website & e-commerce or use social media.

As a reliable digital provider, Proximus’ objective is to offer small enterprises help and support in the digital world.

With Bizz Online, Proximus already proposes to assist small enterprises with different solutions and a personalized assistance of an expert to create their own professional website. A first step on the web is available from 15€/month with Bizz Online S. Today, Proximus enriches its offer with the launch of new products and solutions which will support small enterprises in their further digitalization.

Bizz Online Webshop

The first new product is an e-commerce option on the already existing Bizz Online offer and strengthens Proximus’ position as a partner for self-employed and small businesses. With Bizz Online Webshop, our customers will have an intuitive online shop, directly ready to "sell" and very easy to use and update (e.g.: prices of a product can be changed very rapidly).

Bizz Online Webshop costs 60€/month and offers:

  1. A product catalogue with 100 products and their combinations.
  2. A description in 2 languages (M) or 3 languages (L). Languages available are French, Dutch, German and English.
  3. A secure solution that complies with strict Belgian standards.
  4. A payment module including the main methods of payment (Bancontact, Visa, Mastercard, ...).
  5. A delivery module with many options concerning the partner (Bpost, UPS, ...) and various deliverysolutions (Home delivery, in-store delivery, click&collect, ...).

The Bizz Online Webshop option, which is without commissioning fee per sales transactions, is compatible with Bizz Online M or Bizz Online L (not with the S) and will benefit from the same advantages of the main product with support of a digital expert.

Bizz Online Webshop is an answer to the needs of enterprises that will have to adapt their business model to the current reality. According to a recent survey by BeCommerce, the Belgian e-commerce association, e-commerce is rapidly increasing in Belgium. Now 1 in 5 sales is ordered via the web, so e-commerce is a market trend for which Proximus has a specific solution.

Four other digital solutions to give the small enterprises more digital empowerment

In addition to Bizz Online Webshop, Proximus also has other options for small enterprises like Bizz Online Marketing (to start their digital site referencing campaigns on Google) and Bizz Online Booking (to allow client to book an appointment on their website). As of June, Proximus also launch webinars on digital topics with Google Digital Atelier, Nedworks, UNIZO, Syntra and IFAPME. Live webinars with Google or Syntra digital experts & a Proximus Bizz expert will also be available as from September. The aim is to inform the small enterprises through relevant content like online security, online marketing, reports in Google analytics, how to start a website or a webshop ... Anyone can register to follow it live or they can review it afterwards on the Proximus website (

With the integration of an analysis tool SE customers and entrepreneurs that already have a website have the opportunity to test the performance of their website for free on In a few minutes, they receive a report that inform them on the positive aspects of their website and parameters to improve. The Proximus Bizz experts agents are available to help to understand the report & advise them on how to improve it.

Click here for more info on the Webshop.


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