CEO Proximus

With the aim to restore a serene climate within the company and in its best interest, the Board of Directors of Proximus and Mrs. Dominique Leroy have commonly agreed that she will end her funtion as CEO on Friday September 20, 2019.

In the next week, she will transfer all her files to the CFO, Sandrine Dufour, who is appointed as CEO ad interim as from September 21 with the support of Stefaan De Clerck, Chairman of the Board.

The Board started the search for a successor and will approve, in its meeting of September 19, the profile for the new CEO and appoint an executive searcher to assist the company in this procedure.

The board wants to thank Mrs. Dominique Leroy explicitly for the exemplary way she executed her mandate as CEO of Proximus over the past six years and for the fundamental transformation she initiated.

The Board of Directors of Proximus


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