Proximus enriches its Epic combo offer to also cover needs of TV lovers and gamers

Today, Proximus enriches its Epic combo offer to also cover the needs of TV lovers and gamers among Generation Z and millennials, offering a complete TV experience on all screens via Proximus Pickx as well as a free subscription to the high-performance cloud gaming solution Shadow for the first 2.000 subscribers of the new Epic combo offer. Finally, there’s some more good news for all Epic combo customers, as Proximus extends their monthly number of call minutes to 300, which means they will be able to call twice as much compared to today for the same price.

A vast content offer for TV lovers with Proximus Pickx

With Epic, Proximus responds to the needs of the generation of Generation Z & millennials, who attach a lot of importance to having access to all their content anywhere and at no matter what time. In April, Proximus launched "Epic combo", including:

While the initial Epic combo (now called ‘light experience’) perfectly fits the needs of on-the-go and casual TV watchers, the enriched version (called ‘full experience’) that Proximus launches today is conceived especially for TV lovers and gamers. It gives full access to the new Pickx platform including over 80 channels available both on the home screen using a decoder and on the go through the Pickx website and app. It allows to watch Netflix directly via the decoder, gives access to on demand programs in Proximus VOD catalogue, offers 36h replay and recording possibilities and is compatible with all TV options in the Proximus portfolio, including premium sport & entertainment.

High performing cloud gaming subscription offered to the first 2.000 subscribers of the new Epic combo offer thanks to partnership with Shadow

In the context of the partnership with Shadow, announced in June 2019, the first 2.000 subscribers of the new Epic combo offer will have the possibility to subscribe for free to Shadow’s cloud gaming service. Shadow is a state-of-the-art solution for gamers allowing to transform any device (smartphone, laptop...) into a powerful gaming computer. To ensure a flawless gaming experience, the Epic ‘full experience’ comes with unlimited and ultra-fast internet at home.

Also, the subscribers to the new Epic combo are guaranteed to receive the latest version of the Proximus decoder, which means that they will be able to enjoy all the features of the new V7 decoder (Android P operating system, integrated cloud gaming and app store, voice search, etc.) as soon as it is released. This is to be expected soon, as the decoder is in an advanced live testing phase.

Twice as many call minutes for all Epic combo users

Finally, this new version of Epic combo – just like the initial one – includes a mobile subscription with unlimited data* for sharing, listening and streaming via a selection of widely used applications (Apple Music, Deezer, Facebook, Facebook Messenger, Google Play Music, Instagram, Netflix, Pinterest, Proximus Pickx, Snapchat, SoundCloud, Spotify, Twitch, Twitter, WhatsApp and YouTube). On top of that, subscribers receive an extra 4 GB of mobile data for their other usage, as well as 300 call minutes and unlimited texts.

For existing Epic combo users, there is good news as well. As of October 1st, Proximus boosts the monthly amount of call minutes included in their pack from 150 to 300, without any price changes.

The enrichment of our Epic combo offer is a new step in our strategy aimed to meet the expectations of customers in all segments of the market, especially that of Generation Z and millennials. With Epic stories and Epic beats, we removed the barriers to mobile data usage by offering endless data for most used social and music apps. Epic combo went one step further on that path, adding video streaming and access to TV content everywhere via the app and website, as well as unlimited and ultra-fast internet at home. We now offer all these elements that are so appreciated by the younger generations, in combination with one of the most complete TV experiences on the market and extra innovative features such as cloud gaming as an icing on the cake.

The new version of Epic combo (called “full experience”) is available for €79,99 per month as of October 1st, with a three-month promo tariff of €59 per month for any new internet customer who subscribes by November 11.

And for the casual and on-the-go TV watchers, the initial version of Epic combo (called “light experience”) remains available at the price of €64.99 per month , with a three-month promo tariff of €49 per month.

*Users can use mobile data at the maximum speed for all their included Epic apps, until they reach 40 GB in Belgium. After that, the Internet speed for these apps will be lowered, i.e. to 512 Kbps. Next to this, Epic combo customers receive another 15 GB to surf at maximum speed with their endless Epic apps while traveling in the EU. Once they exceed this volume in the EU, they can keep on surfing at maximum speed at a price of 0,0054 euro/MB.


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