Proximus customers carry on like at home in the European Union

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Unheard-of extra benefits for customers with Tuttimus, Mobilus, Bizz All-In and Bizz Mobile

From 12 June, Proximus customers can surf, call and text within the European Union like at home, without extra costs. When they travel to the 27 other EU countries (plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway) they take with them their national rate plan for calling, surfing and texting to those countries – and of course to Belgium – without any roaming costs. But that we already knew.

Proximus does more: extra benefits for customers with Tuttimus, Mobilus, Bizz All-In, Bizz Mobile

Proximus is going further by adding even more benefits, which is good news for customers who opted for the rate plans launched last year (Tuttimus, Mobilus, Bizz All-In and Bizz Mobile). From 12 June, they can make an unlimited use of their favorite app (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Pokemon or WhatsApp) and share their holiday moments without extra costs throughout the EU (plus Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway).

Customers who need even more data than what's included in their bundle can purchase extra data for the same price as in Belgium.

And there's more: calls between family members with a Mobilus rate plan included in a Tuttimus pack are free of charge in the above-mentioned countries, just like at home. The same applies to calls between colleagues with Bizz Mobile rate plans included in a Bizz All-In pack.

Benefits for companies with an Intra Company option

Intra Company is an option that allows calls and texts between mobile numbers that form part of the same group. If the rate plan of the Corporate customer includes such an option for the Proximus mobile numbers of its employees in Belgium, then as of 12 June, this option will apply between the same numbers throughout the European Union, wherever the employees may be in this region.

Solutions for also staying in touch with your colleagues or loved ones outside the EU, without any worries.

Roaming costs still apply for calling, surfing and texting outside the European Union. So if you're going further afield and would like to stay in touch with the home front, your best option is Daily Travel Passport, which is valid in 35 countries (including Switzerland, the US, Canada, Japan, China and Turkey). For 5 euro (incl. VAT) per day of use, you receive 80 MB of mobile data, 20 text messages, 20 minutes for outgoing calls, and 20 minutes for incoming calls. Activation is free of charge and you receive a free text message when you've almost reached your limit.

Interesting rate plans are also available for business customers, such as Travel Passport Top, which is valid in 35 countries (including the US, Canada, Switzerland, Japan, China and Turkey) and Daily Travel Surf. More intensive data users can opt for bundles such as Travel Surf Top Intense and Travel Surf World.

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