Proximus participates in awareness campaign on mobile phone use behind the driving wheel

As of today, Proximus CEO Dominique Leroy can be seen in an awareness campaign of the Flemish Foundation for Traffic Knowledge (VSV) which aims to reduce smartphone use in the car. Proximus and other telecom operators are calling on motorists to switch to "car mode" to avoid being distracted by their smartphone in traffic.

Distraction by using a smartphone behind the wheel still remains an issue: more than 6 in 10 motorists (63%) admit to occasionally making or taking calls on a hand-held mobile phone while driving. A little under half (48%) sometimes read their messages, and 4 in 10 even send texts occasionally. This is according to new figures published by the VSV today. Nevertheless, the overwhelming majority of Flemish people consider reading messages (92%) and sending messages (94%) while driving unacceptable. No fewer than 79% of motorists who sometimes use a mobile or smartphone in the car would like to do so less.

To make people aware of the dangers of such mobile phone use, VSV is running a new campaign from 5 August to 1 September, with the slogan: "Be as smart as your phone". Motorists are encouraged to switch to "car mode" when driving. "Car mode" is the deliberate choice to avoid being distracted in traffic by keeping your smartphone or mobile device out of reach or enabling the "mute" and "do not disturb" functions. The aim of the campaign is to make Flemish people familiar with the concept of car mode and to persuade them to use it.

Proximus believes that everyone should be safe in traffic, and therefore, like its daughter brand Scarlet, strongly supports the appeal made by the VSV through posters, radio spots and advertisements via social media channels. Be-Mobile, part of the Proximus Group, is also participating through the parking solution 4411. The standard message that users receive when they end a parking session will be extended to include "Be as smart as your phone. Switch to car mode before you drive." Other operators besides Proximus (Base, Mobile Vikings, Orange Belgium and Telenet) are also participating in the initiative.

Traffic safety is a major concern for us all, but also undoubtedly for Proximus. For some time now, we have been developing mobility solutions to allow smoother and safer traffic. The car mode campaign offers us a new way to make a concrete contribution to safer traffic. Proximus fully supports this appeal. That's why we call on people to use their smartphones responsibly, and certainly not while driving. We will, of course, continue to promote general prevention of traffic accidents, also among our employees. The aim is for them to spread the message and commit to increasing safety on our roads.


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