Talking with MyProximus through Google Assistant

Today, Google Belgium is launching the Google Assistant in Belgium.

Proximus is taking advantage of this innovative application: from now on, Proximus customers will be able to use voice commands on their smartphone to access their billing data, check their data usage, etc.

Proximus will add other applications later, based on customers' needs.

Google Assistant now also in Belgium

Today, Google Belgium is launching its Google Assistant, the virtual assistant that enables lots of applications through voice control.

In Belgium Google Assistant works with mobile devices (both Android 5.0 or later and iOS 10.0 or later). It is possible to use Google Home only in countries in which Google has already officially launched this smart voice assistant, such as France and the Netherlands.

Proximus app

Proximus has developed an app specially for Google Assistant that works in the Benelux and France. It is available in Dutch, French and English and gives Proximus customers access to their data usage, billing data, roaming, etc.

One of Proximus' objectives is to make people's lives easier with digital applications. We're therefore delighted to announce today that Proximus is among the first companies in Belgium to take advantage of this innovative app. Thanks to Google Assistant our customers can talk with MyProximus. But there's more in the pipeline. We will systematically be adding to the applications, based on what our customers want and need.

More concretely: "I want to talk to Proximus"

To activate the app, simply install and open Google Assistant and say: "OK Google. I want to talk to Proximus".

The Google Assistant will ask you whether you wish to link your Google account with the Proximus App. You should then simply answer "Yes". The first time round, you will receive a link to enter your login (username and password).

Once you are up and running, you can initiate conversations by asking questions, such as:

In each conversation you will be asked for more details, to which you can respond with "Yes" or "No" or ask for an explanation. After a few conversations, the app is able to answer you more and more swiftly, without asking you any intermediate questions.

You can start a conversation by saying “Hey Google” or end it with “Goodbye”.

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