If we want to tackle climate change, we need everyone on board. By working closely with our 4,000 suppliers and setting high social, ethical and environmental standards, we aim to build a sustainable supply chain to further reduce our impact and contribute to a better world.

Proximus is seen as a best practice company in managing the Corporate social responsibility (CSR) risks of its vendors.

Today 100% of our contracts have a CSR clause on social, ethical and environmental standards for our vendors. We have a leading position in EcoVadis (supplier sustainability ratings) and JAC (Joint Audit Cooperation, CSR assessment of suppliers in IT) with risk audits, assessments and scorecards of vendors.

In our sourcing methodology for products and services, we introduced new standards for circular sourcing, focusing on standardization, reuse, refurbishing, recycling and avoiding virgin materials. We endorse the Green Deal Circular Purchasing of Flanders since 2017 and the Green Deal Circular Purchasing of Wallonia since 2019.

Annual Report

Learn more about Proximus’ sustainable supply chain in our Annual Report 2019

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