TalentHub is a remote location for innovation close to innovative communities

Proximus created its first TalentHub in Gent in 2018.

The goal of the Proximus TalentHub initiative is to bring innovation teams closer to external Tech Talent to foster open innovation. We work with universities and research institutions, innovative regional start-ups and scale-ups, and regional institutions, offering workplaces closer to the home for its participants.

TalentHub for Proximus: our talent active in Gent

At Talent Hub, we participate in Development, Research and Innovation close to innovative communities. The participants are Proximus employees working on innovation projects in iCubes (at the Techlane Science park in Zwijnaarde), collaborating closely with among others IMEC and UGent (e.g. IDLab) and local start-ups and scale-ups. Offering work close to home is not only a plus for our employees, but also a prerequisite for attracting fresh tech talents from the Flanders region.

Current projects are oriented around AI and data science, drones, AR/VR/360° video, Internet of Things, Smart Buildings, etc.

This approach is facilitated by the collaboration protocol between UGent and Proximus, signed in 2017 by Dominque Leroy (CEO of Proximus) and Rik Van de Walle (Rector of UGent).

Our ambition is to extend the model to other Belgian innovation hubs and regions. Other regions will follow later on.

TalentHub for You

Bring your expertise to innovation projects

If you are interested, contact us and share your ideas on any project or part of a project that could be valuable for the TalentHub ecosystem: we’re not just interested in purely technical projects, but in all projects which have a tech component, even if it's a customer project, a Product and Services project or a data project.

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