Proximus NXT

Magic happens when we work together

Inspired by tech, driven by people

Proximus NXT is not just a brand, but primarily an ecosystem of specialised affiliates and local partners. Their goal? To help you manage the complexity of ICT and take advantage of new technologies in cloud, data or cyber security.

ICT challenges of your organization

Make your digital transformation successful

At Proximus NXT, our mission is to support you in running, optimizing and transforming your business by offering a full range of ICT services and solutions. In all of this, sustainability, diversity, responsibility and ethics are key.

Future-proof your flexible ICT infrastructure

In order to stay competitive in a constantly evolving world, your company must adapt to changes. A traditional ICT infrastructure may no longer provide the required management flexibility, making maintenance more challenging.

We are aware of these challenges, and we offer modular components to facilitate the efficient coordination of all elements of your infrastructure. We support you in integrating the most powerful technologies for a smooth transition to an optimal digital environment.

Build your sustainable workplace

Technology plays a crucial role in implementing your workspace strategy. Today, the challenges go beyond the simple question of hybrid work. It influences your brand image and can reduce workspace-related costs, especially in a challenging socio-economic context.

From applications to mobile devices, infrastructure, and security, we help you manage this technological complexity with our modular approach tailored to your challenges.

Adopt digital resilience

From resilience against climate risks and international conflicts to safeguarding against cyberattacks, numerous challenges test the continuity of your business operations. Strengthening the resilience of your ICT infrastructure enables better preparedness for these incidents, thereby minimizing financial and reputational impacts before, during, and after crisis situations.

Proximus NXT assists you in enhancing your ICT resilience through the integration of tailor-made modular components for your business.

Bridge the ICT skill gap

One out of every two large companies today reports difficulties in recruiting the necessary ICT skills. In 80% of cases, this leads to project delays. Skills management is therefore a key element, whether it's to facilitate decision-making or to execute specific tasks within ICT projects.

To support your operational efficiency and complement your ICT skills, we accompany you throughout your transformation journey: from developing a long-term vision to technological guidance, and from support to the management of strategic projects.

Enhance customer and employee engagement

In a competitive environment where consumers actively share their experiences on social media, meeting their expectations becomes essential to ensure satisfaction and loyalty. We understand the importance of creating high-quality digital interactions, offering tools for smooth communication and immediate feedback.

By focusing on customer and employee satisfaction, we support you in creating an exceptional experience and help strengthen your reputation as a customer-centric company.

Deliver business foresight through data

Innovation is more crucial than ever to remain competitive as an organization. Properly harnessing data generated by assets provides data-driven insights and transforms your business into a smart enterprise.