26/10/2020 - Proximus signed a new € 700M sustainable revolving credit facility linking the cost of credit to the annual targets of internal ESG related KPIs.

Situation 30/09/2020

  Currency Facility Amount Outstanding Amount
Capital markets funding
Bonds EMTN EUR 3,500M EUR 2,100M EUR
Bonds YEN YEN 1.5B YEN 1.5B YEN
Investment Loans EUR 400M EUR 400M EUR
Commercial paper EUR 1,000M EUR 0 EUR
Credit facilities
Syndicated bank facilities EUR 600M EUR 0 EUR
Overdraft facilities EUR 100M EUR 0 EUR

Debt maturity schedule on 30 September 2020 (in m€) 


Capital markets funding

EMTN Program and Bonds

Proximus has established a Euro Medium Term Note (EMTN) Program for its long-term funding needs. The Program enables Proximus to issue unsecured bonds with a tenor of minimum 1 year within a EUR 3,500 million program.

2020 – Information Memorandum 7 April 2020

2019 – Information Memorandum 20 March 2019

Proximus has issued the following unsecured bonds under its EMTN Program:

Amount Tenor Maturity Coupon ISIN
500M EUR 5 years 22 march 2022 0.500% BE0002273424
100M EUR 10 years 22 may 2023 2.256% BE6252911977
600M EUR 10 years 4 april 2024 2.375% BE6265262327
500M EUR    10 years  1 oct 2025 1.875%  BE0002237064
150M EUR 15 years 20 march 2028 3.19% BE6251142749
100M EUR 12,5 years 8 september 2031 1.75% BE0002639202
150M EUR 20 years 14 may 2040 1.5% BE0002697788

Bonds Yen

On March 27th of 2015, 85% of JPY 10 billion Note due in December 2026 have been bought back with settlement on April 1st 2015.  The remaining 15% (EUR 11 million) will mature in 2026.

Proximus (previously Belgacom) has issued the following Yen private placements.

Amount Tenor Maturity Coupon ISIN
10B YEN 30 years 16 dec 2026 - BE007199961

Commercial Paper Program

Proximus has established a commercial paper program for the issue of short term treasury notes (thesauriebewijzen/billets de trésorie). The program enables Proximus to issue commercial papers with a tenor of maximum 12 months within a EUR 1 billion program. The commercial paper program is a complement to Proximus’ core funding.