our three-year strategy

In 2023, we initiated our new strategic cycle bold2025. It was the right time to reflect on our sense of purpose and the bigger role we wish to play in society.

Our new purpose, 'Boldly building a connected world that people trust, so society blooms', captures the DNA of our company. It is built on 3 dimensions:

We are actively building a connected world (1) and have a unique role in ensuring the trustworthiness (2), security and sovereignty of these digital societies. By investing in digital accessibility and inclusiveness, and by acting in the battle against global warming, individuals, households, companies and governments will flourish, and society (3) will benefit.

After all, we will create the most value for society by being bold. We were bold in accelerating our fiber deployment. We were bold in acquiring full ownership of BICS and Telesign. And we want to continue to be bold. As a result, we have named our new strategic cycle for 2023-2025 'bold2025'.

A changing society requires a change in our purpose

Boldly building a connected world
that people trust
so, society blooms

This new purpose feeds a new strategy

Our bold2025 strategy further reinforces the path taken with #inspire2022. We chose the name bold because not only does the context in which we operate calls for audacious leadership and choices, but also because we want to underline that we are enthusiastic about the daring ambitions that we have set out for ourselves. We believe that it is by being bold, that we will be able to create real impact for our shareholders, our customers and for society.

As shown below our purpose is also our compass, guiding us in all we do and defining our nine ESG commitments:

Boldly building…

a connected world

  • Building the best gigabit network for Belgium
  • Developing digital solutions for everyday life
  • Connecting people and devices worldwide

that people trust

  • Ensuring cybersecurity for our customers
  • Supporting Europe in achieving sovereignty
  • Embedding highest ethics and compliance standards

so society blooms.

  • Going all in the fight against global warming
  • Investing in digital accessibility, inclusiveness and upskilling
  • Stimulating an inspiring and inclusive work environment

Through exceptional strengths...

...we deliver great value for our stakeholders

Contributing to the SDGs

The United Nations’ Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) define global sustainable development priorities for 2030, and seek to mobilize governments, businesses and society at large around a common set of objectives and targets.

As a provider of future-proof connectivity and digital services, we have a role to play in contributing to these goals. Our nine ESG commitments are directly linked to seven of the UN’s SDGs, particularly to SDG 8 (“Decent work and economic growth”) and to SDG 9 (“Industry, innovation and infrastructure”). In addition, we believe that Proximus, through its operations, corporate governance, and strategic priorities, can also make an impact – positive or negative – on SDGs 4 (“Quality education”), 5 (“Gender equality”), 12 (“Responsible consumption and production”), 13 (“Climate action”) and 16 (“Peace, justice and strong institutions”) Details on our impact on the SDG’s can be found in the Social Statements.

Sustainable Development Goals