Supplier evaluation

Our Vendor Performance Management team evaluates the performance of the major Proximus Group Suppliers on a regular basis.

The critical success factors are :

The evaluation on all these factors is consolidated in the Vendor Performance Report. This scoring report is not the ultimate goal, it is but a mean to collaborate pro-actively based on an objective evaluation. Like this, we stimulate permanently continuous improvement.

Compliance with delivery requirements

Each delivery to the Proximus Group Distribution Center (PGDC) or Cable Warehouse (CCY) is checked to ensure:

A delivery is defined as non-compliant with the delivery requirements if one or more of these requirements have not been met.

The scores are obtained by dividing the total number of compliant deliveries by the total amount of deliveries per quarter.

The target score is 100 %.

On Time delivery


To measure the extent to which delivery deadlines are met, the difference between the delivery date requested by Proximus and the actual delivery date is calculated. The requested delivery date is indicated on the final Purchase Order that you received. The actual delivery date is the date on which Proximus received the goods. The greater the discrepancy between the requested and the actual delivery date, the lower the score.

To determine compliance with a delivery deadline, time intervals are established, each corresponding to a score, the maximum score is 100 points. The time intervals are set by Supplier Quality Management (days are working days).

Score Time interval
100 points on time or 1 day late
80 points 2 to 5 days late
60 points 6 to 10 days late
35 points 11 to 15 days late
10 points 16 to 20 days late
0 points 21 or more days late
100 points on time or 1 day early
90 points 2 to 5 days early
70 points 6 to 10 days early
45 points 11 to 15 days early
20 points 16 to 20 days early
0 points 21 or more days early

The total score for on time delivery is obtained by calculating the average of all the scores per Purchase Order line item of the individual deliveries for the measurement period in question.

The target score is 100 points.

Important remark

To calculate your score as accurately as possible and to avoid any subsequent discussions about whether it has been calculated or not, we kindly ask you to cooperate on the following:

Changing the requested delivery date: if both parties (Proximus and the supplier) agree to a different delivery date than the one indicated on the Purchase Order you received, you should receive an adjusted Purchase Order from Proximus. If your Purchase Order is not adjusted, please notify Proximus by e-mail before the delivery date.

Please mention the following items:

Invoice accuracy


Invoice accuracy reflects the supplier's ability to send invoices that comply with the Proximus requirements (including Belgian law).

The calculation of the score is based on:

Invoice accuracy is calculated quarterly.

The target score is 100 %.

Calculation formula

The individual score is determined by:


N = the number of invoices received by Proximus during the quarter;

a = the number of these invoices sent back to the supplier;

b = the number of credit notes due to failings of the supplier in that quarter.