Ariba Network Benefits

Transacting on the Ariba platforms provides you with several benefits, such as amongst others:

Proximus invites you, its supplier, to connect to the SAP Ariba Platform since we will, together, no longer process paper invoices and PDF-invoices sent via email.

The use of the SAP Ariba platform is FREE of charge for interactions with Proximus.


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Questions answered by Proximus

The PO notification invites you to register a new Ariba account.

The use of the platform is FREE of charge for interactions with Proximus.

No PO notification in your Inbox /Spams: please contact your requestor.

Send your request after registration* to Procurement Vendor - Procurement Vendor Service Portal (

*Only after your registration has been approved by Proximus Procurement you follow the status of your question.

If your existing account refers to the right company , follow these steps:
Open your PO notification →“Process order” →“log in” : enter your username and your password.
The current and next PO’s will be sent to your existing Ariba account.

Please make sure that the account you wish to use contains the correct company details from which Proximus placed the order. Please note that if you change your account, it is no longer possible to invoice the order form that has already been sent. Contact your buyer to inform him/her of the information, and he/she will forward it to the right team.

Please contact Ariba support:Ariba support

The Ariba Support service is managed entirely by SAP. All the questions regarding the platform and its use should bedirected to Ariba Support

The documented procedures about Ariba Network are there to simplify your access to information taking into account the expectations of our Finance Department. If you follow the steps outlined, invoice submission will take a few seconds, you would be notified of all purchase orders instantly, and the rejection of your invoices will decrease.

We advise to use the procedure “How to start invoicing”. If you still have some questions, please contact Ariba Support.