Education of both young and old: an ongoing project

E-education: Signpost

We responded to the increased need for digitalisation in education by entering into a strategic cooperation agreement with Signpost, the Belgian market leader for ICT solutions in education.
We already provided connectivity to over 220 schools. We are also focused on developing a home offering for teachers, including a laptop with the right software and first-rate connectivity.

MolenGeek: a helping hand for young people 

We are a partner of MolenGeek, an organization in Brussels that helps less privileged job seekers with an entrepreneurial mindset to build their careers in the new digital world. Youngsters follow an intensive six-month training course in Coding, Audiovisual, or Digital Marketing. 

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19: coders of the future

Proximus is one of the founding partners of 19, the first free Belgian coding school. 19 is an innovative way of learning: there is no tuition fee and education takes place without a teacher.

Since the beginning, Proximus has welcomed 19 interns each year to its teams to work on digital and innovation related topics. These young trainees are then free to apply for open positions if they wish.

19 are divided into 2 campuses: in Brussels and in Antwerp. They are a place to live, to study, to express oneself, to emulate, and to discover the arts.19 wants to encourage even more students to apply and make sure job seekers, especially women, benefit from this new way of learning.

We are a founding partner of "19", Belgium's first completely free coding school. Focused on up 18year olds (without limit of age), 19 is an innovative coding school: it is accessible at no cost and provides an education without teachers or diplomas.

The pedagogical platform allows for peer-to-peer learning: students help each other to achieve the objectives. No teacher, no class! Talents are developed through a teaching method inspired by gamification, as students learn as if they were a character in a role-playing game pursuing a quest. Pupils learn at their own pace and manage their presence in the premises, which are available 24/7 all year round.

The partnership between us is based on a knowledge exchange system and we offer internships within Proximus to talented people who show the necessary motivation. Since its creation, we have welcomed several interns within our IT teams and have hired six talents from 19.

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Technobel offers training for digital professions with innovative learning methods that give meaning to learning. We also assist teachers, job seekers and businesses in realising their professional projects by boosting their digital skills.

The stories created and experienced every day at Technobel are numerous and they are very beautiful.

Recently, a young lady from the hospitality industry retrained as a computer scientist.

After a year's training and a succession of modules, initiation, discovery and perfection, today she specialises in the .NET language and works for a consulting firm.

Besides her technical skills, her transversal competences and her attitude convinced this employer.

These so-called 'soft skills' are part of Technobel's training courses.

Today, 70% of jobseekers who turn to Technobel have a job at the end of their training.

With the other training courses that are put together directly with the companies, 80% of participants succeed in finding a job.

Proximus plays an important role in our training courses and regularly our students are able to work there.

Recently, together with Proximus, we developed a tailor-made training course specifically on networking and cyber security.

After this training, five of our students were given a contract with Proximus SpearIT.

Technobel: filling the skills gap

We are a founder and long-term partner of Technobel, which offers ICT training courses to job seekers as well as information and awareness initiatives for citizens, schools, and professionals. Students can validate their skills through an official certification (Apple, Microsoft, Cisco, Huawei, Juniper, etc.).

In 2020, Technobel assisted Proximus to fill the skills gap in our digital society. We developed a unique dual learning track for fiber optic splicers, who build and maintain copper and optical fiber networks. Thanks to Technobel, students acquired a set of skills that make them very desirable on the job market. 
In 2023, Technobel will further maintain its place as a benchmark training center in Europe. 

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Bednet and ClassContact: online education for ill children

We have a partnership with Bednet and ClassContact, that allows children living with long-term illnesses to continue their education at home or in hospital through videoconferencing solutions. We support these organizations by providing internet connections and financial aid.

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