Integrated annual report 2021

With this report we wish to inform all our stakeholders about our role in society. We outline our corporate strategy and the progress we have made in achieving our goals. We also present the company’s results with regards to its financial and non-financial performance.
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Together towards a more sustainable digital life

Foreword from our CEO and our Chairman

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Stefaan De Clerck, chairman, and Guillaume Boutin, ceo
Stefaan De Clerck, chairman, and Guillaume Boutin, CEO

Financial highlights

Group revenue (Underlying, €M)

Over the full-year 2021, the Proximus Group posted EUR 5,578 million underlying revenue, +1.8% above that of 2020.

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Year Total Domestic BICS Telesign Eliminations
2020 5,479 4,356 964 273 -115
2021 5,578 4,381 999 327 -130

Group EBITDA (Underlying, €M)

The underlying Group EBITDA for the year 2021 totaled EUR 1,772 million, down by -3.5% compared to 2020.

More about the group EBITDA
Year Total Domestic Bics Telesign
2020 1,836 1,706 101 30
2021 1,772 1,654 102 17

Investments (CAPEX, €M)

Excluding spectrum and football broadcasting rights, the Proximus Group accrued CAPEX over the year 2021 totaled EUR 1,203 million.

More about the Investments
Year Total Fiber Customer related Other
2020 1,000 23% 112 655
2021 1,203 31% 119 708

Free Cash Flow

Proximus Group generated a total Free Cash Flow over the year 2021 of EUR 376 million on normalized basis.

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376M normalized FCF

Group operationals

In 2021, Proximus grew its convergent base by +68,000 customers, up by 6.1%.

More about the group operationals
  • + 42K YoY
  • + 1.9% YoY
  • + 44K YoY
  • + 2.6% YoY
  • + 387K YoY*
  • + 9.1%K YoY*
+ +
  • + 6.1% YoY
  • + 68K YoY
(*including Mobile Vikings)