Our brands and affiliates

We operate in the Benelux and on a global level. Through our leading and well-established brands, we meet the demands of a wide range of customers in the residential and business segments, as well as the public sector.


Proximus brand logo

Proximus is our major brand, which we are building into the reference brand that “empowers everybody to thrive in a digital world, so we can improve our shared well-being”. Our brand promise “Think possible”    captures that mission. We are convinced that new digital solutions make our lives easier, allow us to work together in smarter ways and make our world a better place. That is why we are always looking for the best partnerships and why we continue to invest in sustainable technology.

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Scarlet logo

Scarlet has established itself as a “no frills” brand for customers who are looking for the best prices or for ways to consume more consciously.

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Mobile vikings logo

Mobile Vikings is a 100% digital brand offering both mobile and internet at home. Its high-performing solutions at razor-sharp pricing combined with a key focus on all-round user experience and customer service appeal to young (at heart) digital savvy customers.

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Proximus Media House logo

Proximus Media House - PmH is the affiliate in the Proximus group that holds creativity, technology, know-how and top tier solutions for content editing, broadcasting, (live) production and media operations. Anywhere, anytime, on any platform.

PmH offers a 360° approach to content products through creation, production, purchase, and exploitation. For Proximus and for external clients on the Belgian market. Pickx, Pickx+, Pickx+ Sports and Pickx Live are entirely PmH driven.


ConnectImmo logo

ConnectImmo is the real estate company of the Proximus Group. ConnectImmo manages the commercial, financial, legal and technical aspects of the real estate portfolio of the Proximus Group (+1000 buildings/sites). Our mission: support and leverage the Proximus core business by delivering state of the art 'real estate advice & services'​, in line with market quality & prices, resulting in an optimized space planning and a continuous creation of added real estate value.

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Doktr logo

Doktr , a start-up supported by Proximus, Solidaris/Socialistische Mutualiteiten & Mutualité Chrétienne/Christelijk Mutualiteit, offers the possibility to contact a doctor easily and quickly via your smartphone. This can be your own doctor if he’s available on the platform or via another certified doctor who is available as well. Our mission is to give people the digital tools to take their health into their own hands. We believe in hybrid care: videoconsultations that offer maximum comfort and safety as a fully-fledged channel of service in addition to the physical contacts that exist today.


Proximus Ada  logo

Proximus Ada is the first Belgian center of excellence combining artificial intelligence and cybersecurity. Proximus Ada is a wholly owned subsidiary of Proximus, whose expertise will be used to serve the Group's various entities and therefore benefit their customers. 

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The Proximus Group operates in Luxembourg as Proximus Luxembourg SA, under the brand names Tango and Telindus Luxembourg.

Tango offers fixed and mobile telephony, internet and television services to residential customers and small businesses with fewer than 10 employees.

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Telindus provides telecommunication services, ICT infrastructure, multi-cloud, digital finance solutions, cybersecurity, business applications, managed services and training services to medium-sized and large companies, as well as public administrations.

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The Netherlands

In the Netherlands we operate through Telindus Netherlands. As strategic IT partner, we support organizations in being future proof and innovative, by offering IT infrastructure solutions and services to create flexible organizations.
Telindus provides managed- and platform services, integrating networking, cloud, cybersecurity and data & AI. The resulting IT services allows companies and public institutions to adapt to the ever-evolving markets and customer needs, while securing business continuity and optimizing user experiences.

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We operate internationally through BICS and Telesign.

BICS logo

BICS is a communication platform company based in Belgium. BICS is a leading international communications enabler, one of the key global voice carriers and the leading provider of mobile data services worldwide. Its aim is to make it possible for every person, application and thing to connect, wherever they are.

BICS provides high-quality, secure communication solutions to the world’s largest mobile operators, virtual network operators, service providers, enterprise software vendors and enterprises in Africa, Asia, Europe, the Middle East and the US.

To successfully implement its strategy, BICS set up dedicated business units that serve the telecom and enterprise markets respectively. Through the creation of product portfolio groups, BICS builds synergies between products and technology. Their solutions are essential for supporting today’s modern, digital lifestyle and the need for global mobile connectivity and seamless customer experiences.

Focus areas: Connectivity services

  • Cloud communications
  • IoT (Internet of Things)
  • Voice
  • Messaging
  • Roaming
  • Fraud prevention and analytics 

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Telesign logo

Telesign is a fast-growing leader in digital identity and programmable communications solutions, based in California. A trusted partner of enterprises around the globe, including eight of the world’s ten largest digital enterprises, Telesign provides services across more than 230 countries and territories.

Through easy-to-integrate APIs, the Telesign suite of products provides solutions for security, authentication, fraud detection, compliance, reputation scoring, risk management and secure communications, helping to establish continuous trust between businesses and their customers.

With its digital identity and global omnichannel communication capabilities, Telesign helps enterprises connect with their customers, protect online users, and defend against digital while enabling customers to engage with their services using their digital platforms of choice. In addition to strengthening the trust between an enterprise and its customers, Telesign solutions enhance the overall experience for customers, allowing them to act with increased confidence.

Focus areas: Digital identity services

  • Security
  • Authentication
  • Fraud detection
  • Compliance
  • Reputation scoring
  • Secure communications

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ICT affiliates

Through our ICT affiliates Proximus Enterprise and strategic partnerships, we help to speed up the digital transformation of our enterprise customers.
Together with our affiliates Telindus, Umbrio, Codit, Be-Mobile, ClearMedia, Davinsi Labs and Proximus SpearIT, we form a broad ecosystem of digital thinkers and doers. These companies are all experts in their fields – from app developers to providers of integrated ICT solutions, and from data privacy and security specialists to designers of smart mobility solutions.

We want to shape the digital world of today and tomorrow. We do this by offering customers a one-stop shop, integrated and converged 360° ICT offer that is unique in Belgium. As some of our partners also operate abroad, we are even able to venture outside Belgium.

Be-Mobile logo

Be-Mobile offers a wide array of smart mobility solutions to help public authorities, road operators, car manufacturers, individual drivers and private companies improve daily mobility for travelers.


ClearMedia logo

ClearMedia provides cloud, cybersecurity and digital workplace solutions, services and products tailored to the (S)ME market through an indirect channel of local IT partners.


Codit logo

Codit supports customers in realizing their ambitions with tailored Microsoft Azure cloud solutions. Codit guides them through their data journeys, with a focus on automating business processes, building data platforms, app innovation and providing IoT, AI and machine learning solutions. Codit is active in the Benelux, UK, France, Malta, Portugal and Switzerland.


Davinsi Labs logo

Davinsi Labs offers security and service intelligence solutions. Focusing on data and meaningful insights, these solutions allow businesses to provide their customers with digital services with the highest standards of security, availability, and performance.


Proximus SpearIT logo

Proximus SpearIT is the ICT integrator for mid-sized companies, helping customers focus on future-proof business IT infrastructure.


Telindus Luxembourg and Telindus Netherlands logo

Telindus Luxembourg and Telindus Netherlands are specialists in smart and secure IT platforms.



Umbrio logo

Umbrio offers strategic, security and service intelligence services, translating data into actionable insights.


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