We are a partner of MolenGeek, an ecosystem that gives less privileged jobseekers with an entrepreneurial spirit a chance to discover the opportunities of the new digital world. In Molenbeek, young people follow an intensive six-month training course at the "Coding School" or the " Digital Marketing School ". As for CharleWood, the project set up in the heart of Charleroi, it focuses on video and audio-visual techniques. Practical training, putting the priority on interactivity and group work.

In just a few years, MolenGeek has become a key player in local socio-economic development. Founded in Molenbeek in 2016, this intrepid ecosystem (a coding school and startup incubator) has moved mountains to make new technologies and an entrepreneurial spirit accessible to early school leavers and unskilled young people. 

MolenGeek has diversified its training courses by offering the digital marketing track and has expanded geographically by creating "CharleWood", the project focusing on audio-visual techniques, in the heart of Charleroi. MolenGeek will also soon be opening a site in Borgerhout.

The partnership between Proximus and MolenGeek began in 2020. It takes various forms:

The provision of telecom services and equipment, knowledge exchange, training, internships, consultancy and hackathons.

  • Our Enterprise Business Unit gives students the opportunity to develop IoT solutions using the sensors we provide with access to our interfaces and platforms. 
  • We develop synergies with the ecosystem of start-ups incubated at MolenGeek. 
  • We develop collaborations through our Data Analytics technologies.
  • Our specialists give presentations on various technological developments and social issues such as drones, artificial intelligence and the circular economy.
  • Many interactions take place with our human resources department: dedicated training courses, internship places, etc.

As a technological catalyst, we invest in innovation to meet social challenges. We support the startups and talent of the future through training initiatives which reflect the dynamism of the digital economy, and by promoting the development of the Belgian digital ecosystem. Startups drive the entrepreneurial spirit that Belgium needs today. Our collaboration with MolenGeek is a fine example of that social role.