Internet Safe & Fun Days

We believe internet should be safe and fun for children. That’s why we actively contribute to Child Focus’ Internet Safe & Fun Days to make Internet and social media a truly safe and fun place for kids.

Safe Online

Children nowadays grow up with Internet and social media. But are they equipped to enjoy all the opportunities without running the online risks? Twice a year, Child Focus, together with its industry partners, organizes a country-wide campaign to teach young people about online safety.

Volunteers, trained by Child Focus about safe and fun Internet, go out to schools to run educational sessions (online media training) about the use of internet and social media. They teach kids (5th and 6th graders) in an interactive and fun way how to avoid the most common risks when going  on online media (image rights, privacy, cyber-bullying).

Proximus' commitment

Proximus’ sustainability strategy aims to create an inclusive, safe, sustainable and prosperous digital Belgium for all, also for those who are most vulnerable to online risks: our children. That is why we teamed up with Child Focus to equip children with the necessary critical sense when using the Internet and social media.

More recently, in March, 70 employee-volunteers from Proximus visited almost 140 classes in primary schools to sensitize more than 3,500 pupils about the advantages but also the risks of Internet. Since 2010, the twice-yearly Internet Safe & Fun Days have reached over 93,000 pupils.

Internet Safe & Fun platform

Tips & Tricks

The Internet Safe & Fun Days come with an educational pack full of activities and tips & tricks for young people. Discover what Delia, Thomas and Elisa learned in these sessions.

This is how you keep Internet safe & fun

You can find even more tips & tricks on Child Focus' website.