The best mobile network in Belgium?

An independent survey by Test-Achats now proves it. It’s also evident from the more than 10,000 tests that were carried out by users throughout the past year via the BeCover+ app.

What is BeCover+?

Using BeCover+, the Test-Achats organization collects data from users regarding the network quality of the three Belgian operators. Anyone can contribute to this by downloading the corresponding app for Android or iOS.

To create the app, Test-Achats joined forces with 4Gmark: a leading company specialized in this kind of survey. The result is a handy interactive map showing the results of the previous 12 months. As a user, the app immediately shows you which operator has the best network coverage at your location.

Compared to the standard tests, BeCover+ provides a more realistic picture of both the network coverage and factors such as mobile internet speed. The app is, in fact, based on a complete test of the real user experience. You receive a score for the network coverage on your smartphone, calculated on four elements:

  • Download speed
  • Upload speed
  • Time (in seconds) for a YouTube video starts to play
  • Average time (in seconds) to load a webpage

This score is then compared to the average coverage of other BeCover+ users in your area. The combined results from all these tests determine the final Test-Achats score for the three operators.

What does the best network coverage mean for you?

For your business

Being connected is part of our daily lives. At home, at work, and on the go. Combined with our increasing connectivity needs, data traffic will continue to expand with more video, cloud applications, and Internet of Things applications. And that means your business needs flawless and fast connectivity.

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