Proximus customers will soon enjoy the highest data volume in pack on the strongest network

To better respond to the customer’s expectations, Proximus will, on 1 August, adjust its offering by increasing the included volume of mobile data for both new and existing customers.

People want to be more and more connected; they share experiences, photos and videos with family and friends, stream music or TV, make use of HD, or search for the fastest route to a restaurant. All this results in an increase of the volume of mobile data. Customers will need more data in the future and they don't want to worry about the amount of data they have consumed.

It is precisely for this reason that Proximus is raising drastically the included volume of mobile data. As from 1 August, residential customers with a Mobilus subscription will receive up to 10 GB more; for customers with a Tuttimus pack this increase is even greater, amounting to a doubling of the data volume to 20 GB. For the self-employed and small businesses with a Bizz Mobile subscription or a Bizz All-in pack this also translates into an increase up to 20 GB, depending on the formula chosen. From this summer on, customers will be able to share even more unique moments with their friends, colleagues or customers at a very competitive price.

The advantage of being able to use data without any worries comes on top of the existing advantages of the Proximus subscriptions, such as the unlimited use of your favorite app, and of the packs, such as the choice of a TV bundle, fixed and mobile calls without having to count the minutes and strong guarantees for the self-employed and small businesses, such as 24/7 support and same-day repair.

Moreover, these new volumes of mobile date can also be used throughout the European Union at no extra charge.  You also continue to enjoy unlimited mobile data for your favorite app throughout the EU.

These changes in included mobile data volume come paired with a limited price adjustment.

The new offering looks as follows:

For residential customers (prices include VAT):

Mobilus customers receive more data volume as of 1 August:

Tuttimus customers will enjoy as of 1 August an even greater advantage as much as a doubling of the included data volume. This is on top of the other features and advantages of the Tuttimus pack, such as a TV bundle of your choice, unlimited fixed Internet, and fixed and mobile calls without having to count the minutes:

For the self-employed and small businesses (prices exclude VAT):

Bizz Mobile customers also receive more data volume as of 1 August:

 Bizz All-in customers, too, receive more data volume as of 1 August. This is on top of the other features and advantages of the Bizz All-in pack, such as unlimited fixed and mobile calls, unlimited Internet at the office and 24/7 support for your business with same-day repair:

For 10 euro more, Bizz All-in customers can add Proximus TV to their pack.

For a detailed overview of the terms and conditions and the adaptations, visit and

Existing customers

These changes will be applied automatically on 1 August. Proximus is informing its customers about the changes by e-mail, text message or letter. In case customers would not accept the changes, they may change their subscription at any moment or terminate it without charge.

This updated offering is the perfect time for existing customers, who have not yet opted for Tuttimus & Mobilus, Bizz All-in or Bizz Mobile to switch and benefit from all the advantages they offer.

Moreover, Proximus continues to simplify its offering and help customers make the right choice from among the new, highly competitive packs.

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