Proximus tests Internet Of Things roaming with Objenious, an affiliate of Bouygues Telecom, on LoRaWAN network

Proximus and Objenious are entering into a roaming agreement to establish International Roaming services between their Long Range Wide Area Networks. This allows roaming customers provided with services in Belgium and Luxembourg to also gain access to the Long Range Wide Area Network services in France and vice versa using OTAA (Over The Air Activation) devices.

The aim with this roaming agreement between the two companies is to soon start a Proof of Concept between them. If the outcome of the test is positive, it could lead to a longer-term LoRaWAN agreement.

Thanks to their national coverage and high network availability, Proximus and Objenious allow businesses to extend their services beyond their national territory to areas where their business customers have connectivity requirements, for example in the transportation & logistics and the utilities sectors.

Our LPWAN roaming agreement will establish a larger connected geographical area as we remove the frontiers between the LoRa-leading countries. We commit to building a seamless cross-border experience that will enhance the mobility solutions of our customers and their connected devices. After our head start in deploying a nationwide LPWAN coverage we are pleased to partner with “Objenious” and unlock the next wave of IoT in Europe.

In line with our roaming agreement policy already started with the United States and Germany, we are pleased to announce a new agreement with Proximus. Being a member of the LoRa Alliance and a leader in LoRaWAN networks on their territory, Objenious found it logical to partner with Proximus in order to offer our customers the best service.

Adding roaming connectivity between both companies shows Proximus and Objenious continuing to deliver on their strategy in managed IoT services. The IoT is transforming businesses in every sector and enables more customers to take advantage of this technology when they are in a roaming situation.


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