Internet Safe and Fun Day


On Tuesday 22 October, volunteers from Proximus, ING and Xylos will visit schools to sensitize children on the safe and responsible use of Internet

100,000 sensitized pupils

On Tuesday 22 October, 150 employee-volunteers from Proximus, ING and Xylos, trained by Child Focus, will visit almost 300 classes of primary schools in Belgium to sensitize more than 7,500 pupils about the advantages but also the risks of the Internet, by making them reflect on their own online behavior during interactive lessons in which they will be asked specific questions.

This operation, organized twice a year since 2010, has already allowed us to sensitize more than 93,000 pupils of the 5th and 6th grades. At the end of this session, over 100,000 children will have followed this course.

Also for teachers

Although the main objective is to sensitize children, teachers also receive a useful tool which supports them when it comes to Internet education. In fact, the volunteers will leave them Child Focus's catalog of Internet prevention material for young people, so that they can look at certain aspects more closely.

For more information, surf to, the Child Focus prevention portal for Internet safety.


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