Shops open again, e-bike deliveries restart

Our shops opened their doors again. And so our e-bikes are back on the road. Together with L'Oréal, we have been supplying our shops in Brussels with Cargo Velo since October, by e-bike. We already made green deliveries in Antwerp and Ghent. By working with a major retailer like L'Oréal, we make some 15,000 shipments a year sustainable. Deliveries in Brussels are made in 7 Proximus shops and 130 L'Oréal hairdressers.

Promising results

The initiative was analyzed by MOBI, the research center of the VUB. The result?

The positive effect on our ecological footprint is increasing sharply.

New partners, new cities

Deliveries to our Proximus shops have restarted this week. L'Oréal will follow as soon as the hairdressers reopen. As a result of the positive results, we are now exploring all possibilities for greener deliveries in other major cities.

And we're looking for partnerships with other partners who are also interested in this green way of provisioning.

The why’s

Delivering by e-bike offers a lot of advantages:

  • less CO₂ emissions
  • less traffic congestion
  • quick deliveries in the city
  • greener cities
  • a firm reduction of our ecological footprint

Watch the video and you'll be completely up to speed.